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LOBAL Signing on Forms 2013/14
LOBAL Signing on Forms 2013/14
Thursday 30th May 2013

Old Boys Signing on forms now available for 2013/14


Liverpool Old Boys Amateur Football League


The club have now received signing on forms for the Liverpool Old Boys League for season 2013/14. Forms are available from the secretary (Si Furlong) and hopefully the managers will have them within the next week or so.

If your details are the same as last season, this includes address and phone number, then let the club know and they can have a form with all your details ready prepared for you, and you will then just have to sign it.

Signing on fee for next season remains at £20 and subscriptions at £5 per match. The club has made an effort to keep costs to players low despite the pitch fees for the club rising by 50% this season. All players are expected to have completed a signing on form and paid their fee by August 23rd, otherwise they are unlikely to be eligible to play on the first game of the season (likely to be Saturday 7th September).

If you wish to contact the club regarding signing on for season 2013/14 then either get in touch with one of the managers or contact the club by filling in this form

I-Zingari Combination forms for the veterans will hopefully be available within the next few weeks.


New manager Ste Hesp has promised to draft in some marquee signings.