Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
The new season is almost here
The new season is almost here
Tuesday 3rd September 2013

After the trials and tribulations of the last few weeks in which the club lost the new team before the season started, we are now ready for the new season. With the new kits due to arrive in the next day or two, here is how the club will line up this season
1st Team - managed by Phil Steele
Liverpool Old Boys Division 2
7th Sept. - Alsop (H)
14th Sept. - Alumni (A)
21st Sept. - Old Cathinians (H)
28th Sept. - Quarry Bank (A) LCFA Intermediate Cup
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2nd Team - managed by Si Furlong
Liverpool Old Boys Division 3
7th Sept. - TBA
14th Sept. - Collegiate OB (A)
21st Sept. - Kingsford (H)
28th Sept. - Waterloo G.S.O.B. (A)
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3rd Team - managed by Chris Lawless
Liverpool Old Boys Division 4
7th Sept. - Old Cathinians (A)
14th Sept. - Civserv (H)
21st Sept. - Business School (A)
28th Sept. - Kingsford (H)
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Over 35s Team - managed by John Chadwick
I-Zingari Combination Vets Over 35s div 2
7th Sept. - MCL Vets (H)
14th Sept. - Netherley Vets (A)
21st Sept. - Exedy (H)
28th Sept. - TBA
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Over 40s Team - managed by Ian Dee
I-Zingari Combination Vets Over 40s
7th Sept. - Bleak Vets (A)
14th Sept. - Cafe D'Art (H)
21st Sept. - De La Salle OB (A)
28th Sept. - Hillfoot Hey (H)
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Another Place
South Road, Waterloo
The club would like to encourage all members to pop back
for a quick drink and see how the other teams got on each week
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