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Doyley’s Kid

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Topic: Doyley’s Kid
Posted By: Liam Doyle
Subject: Doyley’s Kid
Date Posted: 19†April†2006 at 11:14pm

Listen Folks, my youngest son, (Chris, for those who don't know him - the one who normally just runs around kicking a footy instead of watching Coeur like his dad), plays for Bootle & District Schools FA (as well as Everton, but don't hold that against him - he's only eleven).

They have got through to the final of the 'Barnet Shieldhouse Trophy' to be held at Goodison on Tuesday 9th May. Kick Off 6.30pm.

Tickets are £3 (with half going to the Bootle & District Schools FA).  They are playing Warrington District. There is another game afterwards - Liverpool District v Huyton District.

If you fancy coming along and watching some potential future football talent then let me know and I'll order the tickets.

For the blues noses - Victor Anichebe played for Crosby about seven years ago and look at him now.



Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 20†April†2006 at 9:51pm


Not sure if I can make it yet, but you must be a very proud Dad!

Please pass on my congratulations and here's hoping he makes it, so you can retire!!

P.S.  They couldn't have picked a better stadium!!

Posted By: Liam Doyle
Date Posted: 07†May†2006 at 12:30am

Lads, just a reminder.

If anyone wants to go and see Bootle & District Schools FA (under 11's) versus Warrington (and Liverpool v Huyton) at Goodison on Tuesday night (9th) - 6 o'clock kick off. You can get tickets off me or pay on the night. £3.


Posted By: Si Furlong
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 12:38am

Liam, sorry won't be able to make it as we are now training Tuesday evenings.

By the way can I also point out that a certain Derrick Burns played in the same fixture some 15 or so years ago.

You can keep your Anichebe weve got Degsy Burns

Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 12:24pm

sorry liam, but i wont be able to make it either as i've bust my right wrist amongst other injuries.  a lad pulled out in front of me last wednesday coming home from work on my bike.  spent the night in hospital and i can't walk at the moment.  i hope you have a great win and he gets spotted by a decent team scout

all the best

Posted By: Si Furlong
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 1:14pm

Friggin hell Dave, sorry to hear that mate. At least you had the decency to have your smash after the season has finished

I hope you don't think that this excuses you from training tomorrow night??

And I can whole heartedly agree with you with regards to young Chris getting spotted by a 'decent team scout' as the lot he is currently with are a gang of no hopers.

Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 2:24pm

cheers si, i just hope i can still go on holiday in june.  i've already had to cancel my ireland bike trip for this thursday and wosre still, no footy until the plaster is off, 6 - 8 weeks!! 

Posted By: Si Furlong
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 3:42pm

Dave, just an afterthought..... seeing as you have broken your right wrist, the lads have chipped in and Andy Rannard has accepted payment to pop round to yours and manually relieve you when required.

Hope this cheers you up

Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 4:39pm

thanks but no thanks!!  i'd rather my balls explode!  no offence andy 

between all of the lads, one of you must have a good lookin girlfriend / wife that would want to be a naughty nurse for an hour or so????

Posted By: Si Furlong
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 5:56pm

Christ Dave, I'm sure there maybe a few good looking wives / girlfriends, but I'm sure none of them are willing to w*nk off some bedridden geriatric. Despite what you think you are not a smooth talking lothario with youth on your side.


Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 9:20pm
not even if i pay them????????????????

Posted By: Si Furlong
Date Posted: 08†May†2006 at 10:44pm really need me to answer that grandad?

You forget the the majority of the lads in our side are young enough to be your son, hence their other halfs wouldn't entertain an old man like you. Besides i heard that Pele has yet to approve you special order for you medication, if you know what i mean.

Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 09†May†2006 at 3:21pm

Come on Liam.....

How did they get on?????

Posted By: Si Furlong
Date Posted: 09†May†2006 at 3:31pm

Dave you bleedin dope.

It's tonight

Posted By: Mully
Date Posted: 09†May†2006 at 6:26pm
its his age gaffer

Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 10†May†2006 at 4:20am

Seeing as I am currently a man of leisure, all days seem the same to me!!

But my previous comment still stands....

Come on Liam.....

How did they get on?????

Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 10†May†2006 at 11:54am

Sorry Liam, I've just read on Everton's web site and another web page that Bootle & District Schools were beaten by Warrington District - - m_objectid=15148361&method=full&siteid=60252&pag e=2&headline=defence-costs-bootle-dearly-name_page.html

Bootle and District Primary Schools 1, Warrington Schools 2

BOOTLE lost this Barnett Shieldhouse Cup quarter-final to two early goals. Paul Pruden (Star of the Sea), scored for Bootle.

I'm sure your Son played superbly, and let's hope this is just the start of something big for him.   

Posted By: Liam Doyle
Date Posted: 10†May†2006 at 9:11pm

Dave, sorry to dissappoint you but your 2nd website link was incorrect. That was an old story from a quarter-final years ago.

However,  , we did lose. 2-0.

0-0 at half time with either side having few chances. We made a few changes at half-time, tired, lost shape and conceded two goals (one in the last minute). No excuses - Warrington deserved it. One of Chris's mates at the academy scored a 'pearler' for the first goal.

Bonus for the Doyle family. Chris was captain for the game, played well & met Jamie Carragher. And the icing on the cake was....... being named 'Player of the Season' at the presentation afterward. Happy Days.

Posted By: Liam Doyle
Date Posted: 10†May†2006 at 9:13pm

Just to add..... a little brain teaser for you all..........

What did Chris Doyle do on Tuesday night that Jamie Carragher hasn't ? (and it is football related)

Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 10†May†2006 at 10:44pm

Liam, some mixed news there, but I'm betting you were a very proud Dad!  Any pics for us?

I reckon Carragher has never captained a team, but your Chris has??

Posted By: Si Furlong
Date Posted: 11†May†2006 at 8:40am

Dave your complete lack a knowledge of any team other then Everton astounds me!!!!

Carragher has captained Liverpool on numerous occasions, most recently vs West Ham in the league when Gerrard was rested. He has also worn the armband for England in a meaningless friendly after Beckham went off.

I reckon Carragher has never lost by two goals at Goodison

Posted By: dlooby
Date Posted: 11†May†2006 at 12:51pm
Don't flatter me by thinking I know anything about Everton, 'cause you probably know more than me 

Posted By: Liam Doyle
Date Posted: 11†May†2006 at 9:57pm

Sorry Guys, just a bit of fun. But it's easy.

Jamie Carragher never got to Goodison while playing for Bootle District.

Posted By: Liam Doyle
Date Posted: 11†May†2006 at 9:58pm
or even captained 'Bootle' at Goodison.

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