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sacre coeur
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personal information
full name Paul Flanagan
date of birth 11/12/1965
place of birth Walton Hospital
married No - but been living with Pia for 10 years
children Not yet
pets Cat
car Alfa Romeo GT
occupation Application Consultant - SAP & Oracle HCM
describe yourself
in 5 words
balding, overweight, ageing, enthusiastic, dedicated


football career and allegiances
team(s) played for Sacred Heart, Keele University, The Vic, Sacre Coeur
honours 87/88 LOBAL Div 5 Double Runner Up
93/94 Grimshaw Cup
94/95 Bushell Cup & LOBAL Div 4 Runner up
01/02 I Zingari Combination Trophy
06/07 LCP Lord Wavetree Challenge Cup Runner Up
04/05 I Zingari League Secretary of the Year
05/06 LOBAL Secretary of the Year
describe yourself as a player Versatile and always totally committed
position Goalkeeper or Defender
shirt number Not bothered
boots Puma
changing room nickname Flanny
debut The first ever game for Sacre Coeur 2nd Team in season 87/88
all time favourite sacre coeur player(s) John Woods, Terry Farrell, Mike Kennedy, Andy Rannard, Bernie Davies to name a few
favourite sacre coeur memories Too many over the 21 years. The first few season of the club I have to say where an absolute ball.
worst sacre coeur memories
The club coming close to folding in the early 2000's
Likes and Dislikes
team(s) supported
favourite professional player
Today Mikel Arteta & Tim Cahill
childhood hero
Neville Southall
favourite musical artist
Guns n Roses at their peak
favourite album
Appetite for Destruction
watch a track on youtube
last album you bought/downloaded
Motley Crue - S.O.L.A
watch a track on youtube
favourite movie
Donnie Darko
view info
last movie you bought/downloaded
view info
favourite actor/actress
Jack Nicholson
favourite tv show (recent)
Soccer AM
favourite tv show (all time)
favourite holiday destination
favourite food
Crispy Roast Duck
favourite drink
other likes/dislikes Golf and Snooker
5 guests for dinner
Halle Berry Jack Nicholson Tommy Lee - Motley Crue drummer Muhammed Ali Marilyn Monroe
pet hates Armchair football fans who think they are the greatest fans around - see the Crosby when Liverpool are at home.
Grown men who have a players name on the back of a football shirt - GROW UP
pearl of wisdom
Keep playing as long as you can, it the greatest game in the world
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