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sacre coeur
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personal information
full name Michael Carragher
date of birth 31/03/1983
place of birth liverpool
married no
children no
pets no
car yes
occupation electrician
describe yourself
in 5 words
easy goin calm great leader


football career and allegiances
team(s) played for sacre coeur, southport trinity, seaburn, copplehouse, brunny, alex
honours double- trinity only started bout 3 times so didnt feel like a winner zingari combination runners up 06/07, lcp division 2 league winners 07/08
describe yourself as a player gives everything, loses concentration occasionally, good defender, great team player
position left back left mid (in goal)
shirt number favorite 11 ,or anythin i pick up
boots addidas
changing room nickname n/a
debut jan 00 playin for si furlongs 4th side against old xavs
all time favourite sacre coeur player(s) jaime hay, flanny, joe doran, tbob, eammon price
favourite sacre coeur memories phoning derek in australia when we were in the changys after we won the league. scorin a hatrick against ormskirk last year
worst sacre coeur memories
gettin beat by the remmy 5-4. gettin told the club mite fold in 2001
Likes and Dislikes
team(s) supported
favourite professional player
childhood hero
favourite musical artist
rod stewart
favourite album
watch a track on youtube
last album you bought/downloaded
motown 50 years old
watch a track on youtube
favourite movie
view info
last movie you bought/downloaded
view info
favourite actor/actress
jonny depp/denzel washington
favourite tv show (recent)
favourite tv show (all time)
the A team
favourite holiday destination
favourite food
favourite drink
other likes/dislikes like it when we win
hate it when we lose
5 guests for dinner
dereks ma hitler maradonna martin luther king marvin gaye
pet hates people who dont turn up to trainin
pearl of wisdom
ur here for a good time not a long time
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