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personal information
full name Gavin Scott
date of birth 20/08/1981
place of birth Liverpool (Walton I think)
married Nay
children Nay
pets Nay
car Nay
occupation Pen pusher in Customs and Excise, more commonly known as a HMRC these days.
describe yourself
in 5 words
Honest, Corny, Hilarious, Generous
and a Bad Beaut.


football career and allegiances
team(s) played for Crosby Stuart, Norcroft Athletic, Barcelona, Norcroft Athletic (reprise), and of course the mighty Sacre Couer. One of these isn't exactly true.
honours Erm League a couple of times I think, did we win a cup once? No doubt several top scorer awards as I was in the Herald every week banging hat-tricks left right and centre, never actually got an award though???
describe yourself as a player Like a crap Leon Osman sums it up best I think.
position Midfield.
shirt number 12
boots I prefer adidas.
changing room nickname Gav, dead original I know.
debut probably 1999, It was the hottest day ever, can't remember the score, just remember playing in a pair of reebok classic.
all time favourite sacre coeur player(s) Would have to be the sacred heart class of 97, grew up playing most of me footy with them, Me, Shelley, Baxi, Alan, Mally, Andy B, Daz. Also Paul Morgan and Jimmy Meehan in the early days. As well as all them 'Sh1t Phil' was a cracker.
favourite sacre coeur memories Winning the league the other year and celebrating in front of Bootech, (no offence if any of them read this, they were a good team!), Scoring a header from outside the box, and scoring a 25 yarder once...honest!
worst sacre coeur memories
Paul May, read the tales from the past to find out more. I remember getting beat 9-0 once by Colligate they were a team of 17 year olds, that was bad. The several times we've been winning by 2 or 3 and then lost.
Likes and Dislikes
team(s) supported
favourite professional player
At the moment I'd have to say Mikel Arteta. From the past Duncan Ferguson, and all time would be Diego Maradona.
childhood hero
Kevin Sheedy, Gary Lineker, Diego Maradona, and Big Dunc.
favourite musical artist
Tough one this, I'd have to say The Beatles. I seem to get bored of everything else.
favourite album
I'd have to say the best of the Beatles….nah it's probably 'Because of the Times' - Kings of Leon
watch a track on youtube
last album you bought/downloaded
Don't normally download albums think I'm going to get the new Paul Weller one as it supposed to be good. The last song I downloaded was 'Gimme Love by the Troubadours'
watch a track on youtube
favourite movie
The Fugitive
view info
last movie you bought/downloaded
Think it was 'Dead Man's Shoes' by Shane Meadows, I'd highly recommend it.
view info
favourite actor/actress
Robbie De Niro and Halle Berry
favourite tv show (recent)
The Apprentice, The F Word.
favourite tv show (all time)
The Office, Alan Partridge, Simpson's, Soprano’s
favourite holiday destination
favourite food
Probably Seafood Pizza, although you can't beat a big old steak.
favourite drink
A nice cup of tea. And on a night out a pint of Heineken, followed later on by vodka red bull or 3. Oh and a 4 litre box of goon.
other likes/dislikes Dislikes only really Work and Bitter Kopites, A combination of the two is the worst.
5 guests for dinner
Diego Maradona Duncan Ferguson Ricky Gervais Girls Aloud (they could take turns at the table) Gordon Ramsey
pet hates Big Brother, no not our Phil, the programme I used to watch it all the time as well.
pearl of wisdom
'When in Rome....'
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