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personal information
full name Dave Looby
date of birth 07/08/1968
place of birth Liverpool
married Living in Sin
children 3 very handsome boys
(obviously taking after their Dad!!)
pets Why would anyone want one?!?!
car Honda Civic (soon to be changed...)
occupation IT Tech Support
(also a time server joiner / carpenter)
describe yourself
in 5 words
Loyal, dependable, hardworking, caring & a liar!!


football career and allegiances
team(s) played for Numerous, but most notably Daniel (Sunday league) and of course the mighty Sacre Coeur
honours League, league cups and Intermediate Cup with Daniel. With Sacre Coeur I have also won the league, league cups and prize possession is my Player of the season trophy
describe yourself as a player Captain material because of my big gob, very talkative, hard working, loyal, all weather player
position Centre Half
shirt number 15 years ago it was number 9, now any number from 2, 3, 4 or 5!!
boots Currently Umbro for my blades, Nike for my studs and Adidas for my mouldies!!
changing room nickname Loobs
debut Can't remember!
all time favourite sacre coeur player(s) I can only comment on the players I have played with, so therefore Shelley, Mally and Andy Rannard. Am I allowed to name my worst Sacre Coeur player of all time?!?!?
favourite sacre coeur memories Most definitely winning player of the season, scoring in a final and winning the league. All in a space of 2 seasons.
worst sacre coeur memories
Having a motorbike crash and not playing for nearly 2 seasons. Watching from the line is so frustrating. Also finishing runner up in the league a few seasons ago with loads of games in hand to win it. But a poor run in cost us the title and we went to watch Waterloo win it :-(
Likes and Dislikes
team(s) supported
favourite professional player
Past: Duncan McKenzie
Current: the very arrogant but skillful Cristiano Ronaldo.
childhood hero
favourite musical artist
The Beatles
favourite album
Any 80's mix
watch a track on youtube
last album you bought/downloaded
Greatest Driving Songs
watch a track on youtube
favourite movie
Saving Private Ryan
view info
last movie you bought/downloaded
Cloverfield (but don't you bother!!)
view info
favourite actor/actress
Robert De Niro
favourite tv show (recent)
Have I Got News For You
favourite tv show (all time)
favourite holiday destination
favourite food
Indian curry or a Sunday roast?? Too close to call, sorry
favourite drink
Currently cider, but known to drink lots of vodka
other likes/dislikes Likes: good looking women, good food, mates.
Dislikes: women drivers, not being able to go to the Bahamas every year, the weather and taxes in this country
5 guests for dinner
Neil Armstrong Chubby Brown Elvis Presley Pele Marilyn Monroe
pet hates Driving too slow or in the middle lane
pearl of wisdom
'We do not quit playing because we grow old, we grow old because we quit playing' and my 2nd one is 'You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests you think she's pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment'
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