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sacre coeur
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personal information
full name Christian Matthew Charles Whelan
date of birth 10/10/1972
place of birth Liverpool
married Yes - Cath
children small girl - Ava
pets none
car Fiesta
occupation Teacher
describe yourself
in 5 words
organised, hard working, humourous, loyal and determined


football career and allegiances
team(s) played for The mighty Coeur TNS Bangor Walton and Hersham Kingstonian Vauxhall Motors
honours few for the Coeur but i cant remember 2 welsh cup winner medals Represented Great Britain universities in world Student games
describe yourself as a player failed forward - centre half, not returning to centre half position for another few years. Good engine and an eye for goal in latter years
position centre mid / forward
shirt number any
boots any - have not bought any for years!
changing room nickname Chin,
debut when i was 16 for the fourths on chaffers.
all time favourite sacre coeur player(s) loads - had a great crack with some of the old boys, terry, gary, woods kev a dn keith o'neill. but travelling with vinny ainsworth and winding him up was always the highlight of the weekend.
favourite sacre coeur memories loads - old presentation evenings at the old boys!!
worst sacre coeur memories
none - even when things go bad there is always a laugh due to the nature of the lads
Likes and Dislikes
team(s) supported
favourite professional player
Sami Hyypia
childhood hero
favourite musical artist
Richard Ashcroft, Bob Dylan
favourite album
Joshua tree
watch a track on youtube
last album you bought/downloaded
watch a track on youtube
favourite movie
Shawshank Redemption
view info
last movie you bought/downloaded
blag porn for a present
view info
favourite actor/actress
Leonardo di Caprio
favourite tv show (recent)
In Betweeners
favourite tv show (all time)
match of the day in the 80's
favourite holiday destination
favourite food
favourite drink
other likes/dislikes waiting for people who are late Selfish people like having a good laugh / being pissed
5 guests for dinner
Bill Shankly Diego Maradona Leonardo Di Caprio Steve Coogan as Alan Partridge anyone from girls aloud except the ugly one
pet hates leaving dishes in thre sink and not cleaning them
pearl of wisdom
keep playing until you physically can't. Saturday will not be the same without football!!
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