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personal information
full name Chris Trow
date of birth 02/10/1988
place of birth fazakerly
married no
children no
pets no
car no
occupation bricklayer
describe yourself
in 5 words
competetive, moaner, outgoing, funny and handsome ;)


football career and allegiances
team(s) played for Pavlion Tigers, Kirkstone, stanley, Kingies, Blue line, Jubilee, bootle, Liverpool Supporters and coeur
honours numerous player of the season and top goal scorer. league an cup double with liverpool supporters last season, and other league titles.
describe yourself as a player out and out striker with a lot of pace.
position Striker, but can fill in any place
shirt number 9
boots Preds
changing room nickname for Supporters club ASBO Trow or hoody
debut pre season 07 vs Alsop won 6-0 i scored 4
all time favourite sacre coeur player(s) either Degsy or Craig
favourite sacre coeur memories andys goal celebration vs alumni. he ran straight for Si who turned and ran for his life
worst sacre coeur memories
gettin relegated this season
Likes and Dislikes
team(s) supported
favourite professional player
Was Zidane... Gerrard
childhood hero
will smith...funny guy
favourite musical artist
favourite album
All eyez on me - tupac
watch a track on youtube
last album you bought/downloaded
scouting for girls
watch a track on youtube
favourite movie
view info
last movie you bought/downloaded
view info
favourite actor/actress
Denzell Washington
favourite tv show (recent)
Family guy
favourite tv show (all time)
two pints and a packet of crisp
favourite holiday destination
favourite food
favourite drink
other likes/dislikes Bitter blue noses!!!!
5 guests for dinner
Lee Evans Peter Kay Lee Mack Jason Manford Charlize Theron
pet hates reality TV cant stand it
pearl of wisdom
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