»» liverpool triathlon sponsorship ««
 »» the event ««
The Participants
Michael Carragher, John Carragher, Tim 'Tbob' Holloway, Mike Rawlinson and Jonathan 'Cherry' McKeown
completed the Liverpool Triathlon and raising a great amount for the CHICS Charity who support Dave Looby's son Daniel and his family.
A fantastic effort by the lads and congratulations to them from all at the club.
Click on the picture of each of the lads to see a breakdown of their times.

 »» daniel and family and their support ««  »» how you can help ««

As many of you know Dave's 4 year old son Daniel has recently been diagnosed with Leukaemia.

Daniel in Alder Hey

Dave and Cal and their family have received exceptional support in this difficult time from a chartiable group known as CHICS.

'CHICS' (Children's Cancer Support Group) are a group set up by parents who have been in a similar situation to Dave and Cal are now.

The lads running in the Triathlon wanted to raise money for Daniel and his family, and Dave suggested that the family would like CHICS to benefit from the fundraising that the lads are doing.

Childrens Cancer Support Group

Sponsoring the lads in the triathlon can be done in a couple of ways.

Firstly you can see the lads in person and fill in their sponsor forms and hand over cold hard cash. Any member of the Sacre Coeur committee will also happily collect money if you dont see one of the lads in person.
Any sponsorship carried out in this manner can be split between the CHICS charity and Daniel's family.
Dave has stated that they hope to use any money donated to the family (as has been done at the quiz night and also from work colleagues of the family) to take Daniel and the family to Euro Disney, sometime in the future when Daniel is well down the road to recovery.

Secondly, for those who may not see anyone from the club, but still wish to sponsor the lads, can donate by clicking the 'donate' button on the right. This will take you to the justgiving website where you can donate using your credit/debit cards or paypal.

As the just giving website requires the beneficiaries to be a registered charity, any donations made on there will go directly to the CHICS charity. Dave and Cal would be extremely grateful for any donations to this group who have provided an unbelievable level of support and information to the family.

As appreciative as the family are receiving any cash donations. They would like to stress that giving blood is FAR MORE IMPORTANT. Please check on the National Blood Service's website and see when you can get down to make a donation. Also when you are giving blood please ask about being tested for platelet donation. Platelets are always in demand and especially for patients with Leukaemia like Daniel.
Click Here for futher information about platelets donation.

Give Blood