Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Ian Dee's Vets Team
i-zingari combination veterans division 2
NAC Vets
I-Zingari Comb Vets
Div 2
5 - 3
Sacre Coeur

Philip Gorton (2)
Alan Brown (1)

Sean Cawley Dave Lloyd Paul Ferguson Alan Brown Gary Brennan Mick Kennedy Mick Roach Bill Humphray Mike Dee Darren Kay Matty Davies Andy Rannard Dave Looby Tony O'Brien
starting line up
Michael Coyle
Andy Rannard
John McCormick
Matty Davies
Steve Bradshaw
Paul Flanagan
Chris Long
Anthony OBrien
Dave Smith
Mike Roach
Philip Gorton
Michael Stewart
Paul Robinson
Alan Brown

opposition :
NAC Vets (A)
competition :
I-Zingari Comb Vets Div 2
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Netherton Activity Centre
referee :
Terry O'Brien

Mick Coyle

For donning the gloves without protest and then doing a fairly decent job!

"....and Chris was a headless chicken and the rest of you were even worse." and so ended Chaddy's 7 day analysis of last week's game.  With that still ringing in our ears we got ready to face NAC Vets who had suffered an even greater defeat than us the week before. A couple of changes saw Steve slip in at right back and Tony shift to right mid. 

Andy Rannard wondered if things were not going to go too well when he shook hands with the ref to hear him say "Oh yes I remember you". Sure enough 5 mins in Rannard made an unusually well timed tackle on for the ref to award a free kick on the edge of the box. Sure enough it was crossed in and headed home - unfairly 1-0 down. Coeur, however, were undaunted and set about their work with some reasonable passing but sadly guile was missing in the final 3rd. Further sloppy defending saw NAC extend their lead. 

Again Coeur stuck to their passing and this paid off with some decent wide play resulting in Alan Brown slotting home. Brown had come on to replace the 'poorly' Tony. 

Sadly as the game progressed Coeur passed less and what little they did do was far to central and straight. Far too many of the lads were culprits of not heeding Chaddy's advice to pass short or go back.

The second half saw Coeur come out with Deano's weekly rant still echoing but very quickly were under the cosh. Throughout the game our midfield was outnumbered and overrun. Dave Smith, Mick and Chris Long all took their turns trying to stem the flow but to little avail. Time and time again NAC pressed and eventually the inevitable happened as NAC extended their lead further courtesy of some poor Coeur defending. 

Big Phil up front for Coeur battled well netting two goals, one from a poor clearance that he walked through the NAC defense to finish emphatically. The second came from a partly cleared corner from which Rannard performed miracles to cross the ball on toPhil's head. 

Sadly these two highlights were overshadowed by a lack of fitness, passion and interest from many Coeur players and NAC pushed further ahead. There was some debate as to the final score 4-3, 5-3' 6-3. Regardless of the score we lost. 

Things need to change if Coeur are going to rescue any sort of pride from the season even at this early stage. 

<(Andy Rannard)