Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 4
Collegiate O.B.
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 4
1 - 2
Sacre Coeur

Andy Kinsella (1)
Danny Pimbley (1)

starting line up
Kevin Edgar
Gary Bourne
Robbie Phillips
Dave Mortimer
Chris Lawless
Mick Lynch
Richie Hughes
Peter Devlin
Danny Pimbley
Andy Kinsella
Martin Somers
Rob Cavendish
Gavin Price
Francis Pearson

opposition :
Collegiate O.B. (A)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 4
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Holly Lodge, West Derby
referee :
E Bannon

Andy Kinsella

MOM could've gone to many today, Gary & Dave at the back, Gary winning more headers than ever & Dave showing why he is a true leader on the pitch. But a sweet strike by Andys left foot capped a performance of non-stop battling and running. Well done Andy

Phewwwwww in all the years ive been doing this this, ive never been as nervous watching a game, but everyone played their part and im so proud of the lot of you. We played our best game of the season against these at the home fixture but the away fixture was the best battling team performance of the season by far.

I said before the game if everyone give 110% and we lost I wouldnt care and 110% plus more was given and we got the win we deserved.

We started bright which was an rare event for us this season and defended and attacked as unit, equally though Colliegate were up for it just as much and on such a big pitch and sunny day it was always going to be a hard game.

The first goal came early on and fell to us a ball lobbed over towards Danny who was leading the line, he held off the defender on the edge of the box and the ball was allowed to bounce as it came down Andy ran in and hit sweetly with his left peg (which he states he has never scored with before) I was right behind the shot and it curled low into the keepers bottom left hand corner who was at full stretch and he was nowhere near it.

Our confidence with an early goal certainly lifted and it looked like the next goal was going to be for us if any, we had a few attacks, one move seen Danny cutting in from the left hand side of the box and with the shot on or the better option of squaring it to Andy who was running unmarked onto the penalty spot, Danny in typical fox style went for the out of the ordinary and tried the chip which would have been a peach if was playing rugby. Dannys tactic of inviting his dad to watch so I couldnt shout at him too much worked a treat.

Colliegate creeped back into the game as we went a little quiet midway through the first half, gaining them a corner. They placed a man on the edge of the box and played the short to him, Robbie who was marking another man in the box tried to cover it, but they managed to get a shot off which took a wicked deflection and it dipped over the fat cat into his far right hand corner.

Richie Hughes who had worked hard helping Gary down the right, wrapped his ankle around a Colliegate attacker as he cleared a ball went down and it intially looked bad as Richie looked in pain and shock I feared the worst. (But my dodgy pills and rest the early signs are Richie will be back dogging again by next weekend). Franny come on for Richie like for like, while I was treating Richie we got a pen I didnt see it clearly as Richie was holding  my hand crying "please dont leave me pappa", but i believe the rat was fouled (although it was like ones were he hasnt had much luck this season so nice to see him get one in an important game). Apparently Danny screamed like a girl before he was even fouled but I didnt hear over Richie saying he could see a bright light (very dramatic).

The fox dusted himself down and cooly finished to the keepers left sending him the other way.

Half time 1 -2

That was it for the scoring for the rest of the game but the tension was still very tight, we had the better of the chances and worked harder for each other as Colliegate got more and more frustrated with themselves, their moaning at the ref for everything (especially anything at a hand) was annoying but we stuck to the task well and didnt let it distract us from our game.

The defence did great giving Colliegate very little, even Robbie stuck to his primary task of defending and the only time I can remember them getting past him clearly the Colliegate attcker shot low and hard only for the cat to save excellently and put it out for a corner.

One moment were our hearts sunk was when a ball past Robbie fell to an attacker but Gary covered well but knocked it as it went towards the cat who fumbled it and it looked for a moment it had rolled into the net but it went out for a corner.

It would be remiss not to mention the hard work the midfield put it in through the game, Martin strated brightly giving the nippy winger no chance and when replaced by Gav he continued to work hard. With Peter coming back from injury I didnt think he would make the full 90 but his energy was fantastic, he was driven, sharp, energetic, pumped he was back (if I didnt know better I would have thought it was Ste playing ha). Lynchy was as good as ever battled hard, calm and composed and kept trying to play it, would be nice to see him have the odd free kick especially as Danny is a tad out of form but maybe one day hey. And Frannys work to replace Richie was superb and kept them at bay most of the afternoon.

Colliegate had a bit of pressure at the end getting a few corners one of which the keeper ran up for but with Chris and Dave organising the defence nothing happened and we saw the game out to give me a fantastic birthday present.

full time 1 -2

I cant stress how proud I was and still am of you all on Saturday it wasnt the best game but under the circumstances we totally deserved it, well done to you all, im hoping by the next time we play that win will have won us the league so we dont have to do it again. The two major teams chasing us we beat both home and away and deserved every point. A fantastic team who I will always remember for being the best bunch of winners I ever managed WELL DONE FELLAS!!!