Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 4
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 4
2 - 4
Sacre Coeur

Mick Lynch (1)
Danny Pimbley (2)
Andy Kinsella (1)

starting line up
Chris Lawless
Gary Bourne
Richie Hughes
Robbie Phillips
Dave Mortimer
Darren Hoare
Rob Cavendish
Mick Lynch
Danny Pimbley
Andy Kinsella
Kevin Edgar
Martin Somers
Francis Pearson
Peter Devlin

opposition :
Kingsford (A)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 4
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Buckley Hill
referee :
I Shepherd

Andy Kinsella

Andy worked hard again today, and got the scoring off with a poachers finish,he was ran close by Sean who played well after his long awaited comeback, solid 90 minutes

This always had strange fixture written all over it with us top and potentially needing to smash Kingsford for the goal difference, with us on a run of poor form, I would have been happy with just a win at the start of the game.

We started reasonably brightly, you could see Dannys hunger to put his drought behind him (although running to Buckley with a back pack really wasnt going to help his waning fitness levels). 

The first goal came from Andy Kin but was through Dannys play, Danny got down the right and played a low hard ball (he hasnt had one of them since the Christmas do with Rob Cav) across the box, it looked like it might have got away from the on rushing Andy Kin who got something on it to see hit the back of the net.

Before our second goal it wasnt all one sided Kingsford pushed us hard but the defence held up well Gary faultless as ever, Dave with the unusual pairing with Cockney Rob and Seany finding his feet again. Seany doing his party piece with hitting the ball in the air and kicking it from the floor, (the human seal is off to  work in Seaworld in the summer if rumours are to be believed).

The second goal came from Couer pressure the rat taking a couple of consecutive throws the second being being a short to Lynchy who ran in from the left and curled it into the bottom corner, he really has got a sweet left foot on his day great goal to give us a breather.

Kingsford had a couple of chances to pull one back but we rode our luck and Kingsford must have known it wasnt their day. The third was finally the rats moment to break his duck the ball was bobbing around the centre circle it fell to me and I managed to get it from under my feet and just loft it high into the box. It fell between the centre half and keeper, the fox had a lot of work to do and did it managing to lift the ball over the Kingsford keeper into the empty net.

We should of seen the half out but credit to Kingsford they kept pushing and free kick given by Lynchy on the edge of the box give the Kingsford the chance to smash from short distance. He did and it took a nick off Gazzas head taking it away from the fat cat giving Kingsford a lifline

half time 1 - 3

The goal right on half time in hindsight was crucial everyone seemed a little down, I believe if they hadnt got that goal we would have won 6/7 - 0 easily. But with the league up for grabs and talk of goal difference counting we looked a little nervous .

Danny had a couple of chances but to be fair never looked like his old self and it was either saved or missed. 

The tension built in the game Cav who had worked his legs off came off off for Fran to keep the tricky left winger at bay and Peter came on for JB whose knee has been troubling him and Lynchy went to the left.

The next goal came from the penalty spot, a corner to Kingsford and an alledged and i say alledged as the referee was Ian "I hope you die in your sleep" Shepperd, we have all got to like Ian over the years but ANOTHER bad decision give Kingsford a pen which was easily disptached giving the fat cat no chance.

With us wanting a big goal difference the real thought of not winning the game began to creep in but the defence held tight and we created chances but nothing seemed to come off.

Andy Kin plucked the ball out of the air well and did the simple thing of passing it back instead of trying something spectacular, I lofted the ball like the first half and Danny did well like the old Danny got on the end and poked it past the keeper. Well done Danny simple stuff but pure quality which we have missed welcome back.

full time 2- 4

As I said earlier in the report I think the goal on half time rattled us a little bit, but with the news Old Xavs lost, next week is a massive title match if we win, we set ourselves up for one big match to win the league. Their is a lot of similar facts to last season but this season we have more quality throughout, the defence is tighter and stronger than ever with players pushing to come back in, the midfield has more creativity throughout with JB weighing in with goals, and the skills, Richies pace, goals and skill causing problems,Cavs hard work and desire to win, Peters drive and energy, Lynchy's sweet left foot reminding me of that film I cant rememeber the name of it. Franny being his tricky self and Carl when needed. With Andy supporting Danny this is the best team ive ever had and we are the best team in the league on our day!



Ps On a personal note today was probably my last game at Buckley Hill, and although Mr Cavendish wasnt in the best of moods I took him off I wanted to see 90 minutes through if I could as ive had some good times there! Now lets win the league, I hate being second!