Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 4
Sacre Coeur

Bushell Cup
Qtr Final
0 - 1

starting line up
Peter Devlin
Gary Bourne
Gavin Price
Dave Mortimer
Chris Lawless
Kevin Edgar
Rob Cavendish
Mick Lynch
Danny Pimbley
Andy Kinsella
Richie Hughes
Darren Hoare
Robbie Phillips

opposition :
Richmond (H)
competition :
Bushell Cup Qtr Final
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Buckley Hill
referee :
Mark Groves

Neil Oldfield

Fat Cat did a string of saves which kept us in the game well done cat KFCfamily bucket on order for this

Whats the difference between Danny and Torres? Answer : Nothing both cant score and both a pair of ladyboys!! 

Sorry Danny you know I love you, but since Dannys drought we havent been the same team, today we started with a strong team and should of won easily.

Knowing quite well Richmond would double up on Danny we spoke about it before KO and they actually applied a defender to foloow Danny all game to the point were he wouldnt even take a throw in case he lost the rat.

We started brightly and passed it around well looked comfortable on the ball, some lovely link up play and I thought it would be a matter of time before we scored and controlled the game (The Richmond manager told me after the game he told his team he would be happy with a 2 - 0 loss)

But for the first time in a while I can say the forwards looked out of sorts, Danny looked tired from all his Hadrian balls  sorry walls) training and Andy worked his socks off but didnt look like he was ever going to score. But its true to say they have both pulled us out of the mire all season and you lose and win as a team.

Lynchy and Jay worked well together against a 5 man midfield and passed it well with Cav continuing his good form getting into space and battling hard, Richie had one of his worst games in a while and still looked half asleep from his late shift in work.

The Richmond tactic of having one man on Danny (when he normally likes 3) was working so I asked Danny to drop into the middle and pull the defence apart, I was disappointed when after 5 minutes Dave sent Danny back up front as he believed we had no threat, I will have anyones opinion and views but when people just change things because they think they no best we have no leadership and thats why we will fail to win the league unless we work as a unit.

On a postive note Seany made his first appearence as an outfield player this year and I was really impressed with him, he looked like he hadnt been away composed on the ball and worked hard well done Sean, and for that he will be starting again next week, that sort of playing and commitment will be what win us the league.

You will notice that up to this point not much football action has been talked about, that is because apart from some nice chuckle brother me to you passing we didnt offer anything.

In the first half Richmond hardly attacked or troubled the defence, but the only goal of the game fell to Richmond, the quick and strong forward they have got played down our right and finished in the only place he could of in the top right hand corner.




I believed we would win comfortably in the second half but that obviously wasnt the case the best chances fell to Richmond and fat cat pulled off a string of saves to earn him MOM. After 15 minutes I took seany off and put on Rob who went into the middle dropping Lynchy to left back. I was hoping this change would get some nice balls played down the left to release Danny but the ones that come came to nothing.

I can remember a number of chances but nothing clear cut for us, Danny struggled to get away from a man marker (who was acutally older than me). Richmond got round the back a couple of times and really should have won by more if it hadnt been for the fat cat.

JB had a sore knee so I come on for the last 20 minutes which was about as exciting as it got from there.


full time 0 -1


Disappointing to go out of the cup, but not trying to be too negative it really was one of those games, the worrying thing is lack of cutting edge we seem to have at the moment but with Kingsford next week we have a great chance to get some confidence back. But I feel that we need to realise that we have to do more than just turn up and we will win, we have to fight, battle and work for each other. We are at the final crossroads of the seasons we either end as winners and desreved winners or we end like last season. I know were we all want to be its silly to suggest otherwise, but lets just try and do this, I love you all and you all deserve a winners league medal but you will have ti earn the final push its in your hands up to you!!!!!