Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 4
Sacre Coeur

Andy Kinsella (1)
Danny Pimbley (3)
Kevin Edgar (1)
Mick Lynch (1)
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 4
6 - 0
Collegiate O.B.

starting line up
Rob Cavendish
Gary Bourne
Francis Pearson
Robbie Phillips
Dave Mortimer
Chris Lawless
Peter Devlin
Kevin Edgar
Mick Lynch
Danny Pimbley
Andy Kinsella
Richie Hughes
Gavin Price
Martin Somers
Darren Hoare

opposition :
Collegiate O.B. (H)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 4
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Buckley Hill
referee :
Steve Culleton

Whole Team

After the last game, todays performance was excellent, from Neil through to Andu everyone put a shift in and did their jobs well, I really couldnt pick a MOM from today well done everyone.

I must admit playing top of the league after losing to Waterloo and then having a Christmas break really didnt appeal to me, but the performance was excellent and could and probably should have been more in the end.

The biggest fault we have had this season is getting out the traps slow but from the first kick today we took the game to Collegiate, the first goal was within 5 minutes and was Andys first  for a little while a good ball played to the silver fox from Andy who got round the back, composed as ever he placed a good shot but the keeper did a great save,Andy not giving up followed in and got ahead of the defender to tap into an empty net from 2 yards, great determination and that definately set the tone for Andy as he didnt let the defenders rest dropping deep and battling up front, this hard work spread throughout the team, with fox, Rich,Lynchy, Dev and Jay on top of the Collegiate players whenever they got the ball forcing them to make mistakes ( Daves lack of "its coming straight back" chants was a nice absence for the match).

We had a couple of chances before the second one in particular when Danny got round the back and just as he was about to pull the trigger and a great tackle blocked the shot injuring Danny in the process, but due to him being an ex marine he continued play! Hooha (or whatever they say).

The second was a goal direct from a corner Lynchy curled it in and it bent into the first post leaving the keeper stranded by the amount of bodies around him, this was a most welcome goal to give us a breather. Collegiate didnt really offer anything going forward (The only person disappointed with this was Rob who couldnt foul as much as they werent attacking) and when they did the defence as they have most of the season just cleaned up, from the sidelines it looked like they didnt even break sweat all very comfortable.

The football got better and better, Richie worked his socks off, up and down all game, and should have had a hatrick in the first half, we passed it around well and Collegiate looked in sixes and sevens and started to get on each others back, we nicked one just before half time, several passes I cant remember who to who but remember thinking how good it looked, resulted in the ball breaking to Jb on the edge of the box who smashed it low past the keeper great finish.


half time 3 - 0

With the team flying, this continued into the second half but several chances werent put away,Lynchy then got the ball on the right wing then bombed past the full back and got to the byline, he crossed the ball low across the box and it past a crowd of players and landed onto Dannys right foot who smashed it low from the penatly spot to put the game well and truely out of sight. Andy came off for Fran, Fran went to the left and JB went into the middle pushing Lynchy up into the Tim Cahill role.

Gav then came on for Rob and Mart for Gaz in like for like positions.

We controlled the game easily holding onto the ball, everyone wanting a touch and passing it round well, Richie contiuelly causing problems on the wing, JB putting some lovely balls through, Peter never stopped running and was unlucky not to score on a couple of occasions, Danny even won a header that he actually jumped for and it didnt just hit his big nose. The subs worked hard to show they deserve a start next week and we looked organised and composed.

Danny never a got a sniff off the referee all game constantly getting fouled (and the odd dodgy dive) while they moaned and moaned for everything (Dave was disgusted). Danny then rode four tackles (and he hasnt done that since the Christmas night out) before being brought down in the box.

The fox dusted himself down and slotted neatly to the keepers left.

With the final whistle due to blow the keeper decided to play a short ball to the right full back who Danny closed down well, under pressure he played the ball straight to Peter who played a lovely ball back into the path of Danny who ran onto it and casually played it passed around the oncoming keeper.

full time 6 - 0


A great result for so many reasons, but not only a great result could have been double figures and we played with real style and all worked for one another, and on top of that no moaning which was great. Well done boys well deserved. With Waterloo losing today the top 4 teams all have a chance but havent played everyone at the top its ours for the taking if we keep working and playing like that hooha.