Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 4
Sacre Coeur

Richie Hughes (1)
Danny Pimbley (3)
Bushell Cup
Round 1
4 - 0

starting line up
Martin Somers
Gary Bourne
Robbie Phillips
Dave Mortimer
Chris Lawless
Rob Cavendish
Gavin Price
Mick Lynch
Andy Kinsella
Danny Pimbley
Francis Pearson
Darren Hoare
Richie Hughes

opposition :
Civserv (H)
competition :
Bushell Cup Round 1
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Buckley Hill
referee :
E Bannon

Mick Lynch

Again several contenders for MOM this week, Anyone from the defence or keeper could of got it aswell as the usual goals from Danny and another superb performance from Andy but it goes to Mick who was back to his best today, well done Mick

With what happened with a no show from the ref last week we feared it might happen again as the ref didnt show but it turned out he was just late!

The wind was extreme and we knew captain Dave had to win the toss to make sure we had the advantage in the first half which he did and we turned it around.

We started off probably better than i can ever remember this season, with losing the game in strange circumstances in the last game against Civserv we all felt we wanted to put this right and we did this in style!

The first real chance came as Cockney Rob played a lovely ball over the right backs head, Danny ran onto it controlled it well but the keeper manage to get a hand to it and tip it over the bar. It almost feels like Danny does that early miss every game now to get the opposition to think he really is that old man over the hill.

It wasnt long before we took the lead another great ball over the top the defender knocked it back to the keeper but Danny nicked it :-/ and it ran under the keepers foot to score what is now known as a Brannigan.

The second and Dannys second was more clear cut a ball down the right hand side Danny latched onto it and with Garys words ringing in his ears from last week of no flowerly stuff smashed the ball past the keeper into the bottom left hand corner for the goal of the game.

Fran and Mick Lynch battled hard in the middle creating a few chances for the forwards but the game went a little flat after the second goal, the wind didnt help but we controlled it well, Civserv created their best chances of the game in the first half but nothing to taxing, anything that did get past the midfield the defence swept up brillantly.

half time 2 -0

Against the wind for the second half we prepared for a Civserv attack but it never really came, the defence looked so comfortable with Lynchy and Cav controlling the midfield Fran and Jay worked hard to give them nothing.

Franny having a tight hamstring offered to come off and with Richie chomping at the bit I decided to put his energy in the middle and moved Lynchy out on the left. Questions asked from the team for the change around but once again I was proved right and the doubters (well Dave) wrong :-).

The third was a pen Cockney Rob threw the ball to Danny would had had lumps kicked out of him all game by a frustrated Civserv, the defender had his hands all over him and Danny went to ground and we got the pen. With two missed pens by Andy and Danny against these last time Richie stepped up and showed them how to do it and dispatched it like a pro into the bottom left hand corner.

Time to put the game to bed i came on for Cav in like for like positions. With the third goal in the bag Civserv lost heart and shape we had wave after wave of a attack, Danny set me up with a great ball and i connected ok but the defender blocked giving us a corner. From the corner I connected well but too many bodies stopped a cretain goal.

The best miss of the game came from Danny fluent movement lead to Danny having a shot from the edge of the box it was flying in but hit the bar and bounced out.

The fourth and final goal was another great move too many players passed it around to mention but it landed to JB who hit it first time and the keeper did a great save and pushed it into the CLR's (Cocky little rat) path instead of just finishing he dinked it over past the keeper then slotted great composure.

The defence and keeper mustard again with Gary back to his faultless best, Lynchys fitness and impact on the game making a difference, Cav, Fran and Jay imposing themseleves throughout the game and Andys workrate deserving a goal, the team is getting stronger each week. With Peter Mart, Gav and Sean all wanting a go its a great headache for me well done everyone.


Great win great game 


Fulltime 4 -0


With the curse of not winning four games in a row still hanging over us a third win today means next week is a big game, i did mention this to the manager of the vets Deano he said to tell the lads that next week was the third game again, but I fear this would only work on Peter.

Great performance today lads very solid getting better and better and the atomspohere between everyone superb its a pleasure to be part of this! Lets beat the curse next week and enjoy the Christmas night out!!!!