Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 4
Sacre Coeur

Danny Pimbley (4)
Rob Cavendish (1)
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 4
5 - 0
Waterloo G.S.O.B.

starting line up
Martin Somers
Robbie Phillips
Gary Bourne
Dave Mortimer
Chris Lawless
Rob Cavendish
Francis Pearson
Mick Lynch
Danny Pimbley
Andy Kinsella
Richie Hughes
Darren Hoare
Kevin Edgar
Peter Devlin

opposition :
Waterloo G.S.O.B. (H)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 4
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Buckley Hill
referee :
Ravi Gill

Neil Oldfield

MOM again could have gone to several players, Rob Cav with 2 assists and a great goal, The fox with 4 goals and the lawless one with another quality performance at the back, as well as several others who did their job great, but with a clean sheet and at

Well an unusual talking point of a no show from the ref, discussions of cancelling the game took place, Waterloo eventually agreed to play it with Rav (from Waterloo) taking charge of the whistle.

With only Gav and the fat lad out out, we had an abundance of options to choose from, Cav and Lynchy back in the team with me and Gav dropping out, the starting eleven was very strong with Kev and Peter on the bench with me gave us some great options.

It was strange game i thought and i put that down to not having a proper ref, we had a few chances but it was playing at a friendly pace and style, but we controlled it well, Lynchy and Cav doing great in the middle, if they got past the midfield the defence sweeped up giving them nothing. Waterloos biggest threat was the german looking left back (dodgy barnet) making some good runs and keeping Fran to a minimum.

The first goal eventually come from none other than the fox. A ball dinked over down the left Danny ran  onto it and from just inside the box lofted the ball high over the  keeper, i thought he missed by the look on Dannys face but it was just the cocky little rat knowing it was going in, great finish.

With cockney Rob excited at the fact of no ref,  he was sticking his foot more than normal (which is a lot) one of his fouls resulted in a free kick just outside the box in a good position, the Waterloo player struck it low and it beat the wall, it bounced around and Neil pulled off a "worldie" (as cockney Rob would say) and tipped it over the bar.

We battled well until the half but everytime in the final third we were a little flowery in the finishing, it nearly cost us when the Waterloo winger managed to get goal side of Gary and as he tried to finish fat cat pulled off his second decent save of the game sticking a foot out and enabling Chris enough time to clear, Gary thankful to the lads but to be fair its normally them thanking him. So Karen when you read this on behalf of Gary (he says your like his secretary for him) tell him i didnt slag him too much!



We knew we had rode our luck a little at times in the first half and maybe if we had been a bit more cutting we would have been cruising so that was the message at half time to get that second goal and push on.


We started a little flat and couldnt seem to get Andy or Danny in, Richie had his best moment of the game when he cut in for them left and shot from far out just going wide. 

To give the midfield a boost Richie and Lynchy come off for JB and Peter who went into the middle and Cav went out to the right, Fran to the left. We immediately managed to get the ball through to Danny he was craving for, with a dummy he sold the Waterloo defender and finished neatly past the keeper. The relief was obvious as we started to pass it well,and the defence looked untroubled .

It wasnt long before we got a penalty, another good ball to Danny seen him beat the Waterloo defender who went to ground catching the fox, a stonewall penalty, only way we would have got one without a proper ref (fair play to Rav for giving it) Danny stepped up and converted easily for his hatrick.

We kicked into gear even more and we could smell the blood as Waterloos heads dropped. To give Waterloo a boost I came on for Andy and felt I was on for my yearly goal off my arse.

The fourth wasnt off my arse but was a peach (like my arse), Cav got the ball on the right dummied and sent the Waterloo player the wrong way and with his unfavoured left foot curled it, the keeper looked like he had it but it dipped perfectly just under the bar to get the goal of the game.

 Waterloo kept trying and the cat again pulled off 2 great saves one from a corner headed into the ground and tipped over the bar.

The fifth goal to the naked eye was great Peter got the ball in the middle of the pitch but with a touch like Dave it got away from him and Peter managed to chase it and chip perfectly beyond the Waterloo defender run Danny to run onto it and finish excellently in the top right hand corner. But I know Peters pass was tad lucky but still a great goal anyway.


Another good performance certainly in a game in which no proper ref seemed to effect the atomosphere. Even though he was better than most refs we have it was hard to fully commit but credit to everyone who didnt let that effect them and it was good victory.

Again thank you to the lads who went on the bench who could easily be starting and the lads who come off.

With Collegiate drawing today the league is well and truely back on, well done everyone some great football and I still believe we are going to kick in even better.

Keep going gents well in!!!


TWAT OF THE MATCH - The ref who didnt show, as couldnt give it any player as everyone did great well done