Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 4
Sacre Coeur

Andy Kinsella (1)
Danny Pimbley (3)
Mick Lynch (1)
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 4
5 - 1

starting line up
Peter Devlin
Gavin Price
Gary Bourne
Robbie Phillips
Chris Lawless
Darren Hoare
Francis Pearson
Dave Mortimer
Danny Pimbley
Andy Kinsella
Richie Hughes
Martin Somers
Rob Cavendish
Mick Lynch

opposition :
Richmond (H)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 4
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Buckley Hill
referee :
T Roberts

Chris and Rob great at the back, Gary back to his best, Danny hat trick and a super goal by Andy, but I AGAIN I give it to Dave for winning every header, battled for everything and gave Richmond nothing in the middle well in Dave, great captains performan

So much more nicer to write the report after a win but in particular a great win with a good performance. 

After last weeks last minute loss moral was low and didnt help with a couple of late drop outs, making Peter go in goal for fat cat.

Peter will have wished he had stayed at home after 30 seconds a ball over the top he came running out shouting for it to air slice it and the Richmond attacker ran around him and slotted into the empty net.

The one good thing of an early goal is we had 89 minutes to put it right and thats what we did, for around 10 minutes after the goal though we made poor decisions and looked a little flustered, unable to get back at Richmond. 

But with Chris leading from the back and and Dave in the middle given a good captains performance I really believed we would would get back into the game no problems.

The equaliser came from a ball from Chris at the back and Andy ran onto it shouldering the Richmond defender out of the way before lobbing the Richmond keeper with a lovley high lob giving him no chance.

The second goal for us was a typical fox goal, he got round the back of the defence off a sweet ball to smash it low past the keeper.

We had so much possesion the first half but didnt get more from it but its credit that we just kept trying to play particularly Fran and Richie up to the two forwards creating problem after problem.

half time 2 - 1

After leading at half time 2 - 1 last week I was hoping we would push on this week and win, and we did

We played some nice football up to Danny and Andy, this resulted in the very static ref blowing for a pen on Danny  from the centre circle, it probably was a pen but i was next to the ref in the centre circle smoking a pipe and i wasnt sure. Anyway up step the fox who slotted to the keeper left who guessed the right way but couldnt get near it.

First sub little Gav for little Cav like for like right back positions

We started to believe more in ourselves then, passing it around from the back, through the midfield and upfront and it was only a matter of time before we got another, Danny got round the back a few times but last minute tackles or saves from the keeper frustrated us. Richie who had had a superb game on the left defending and attacking got into a a bit of a battle with a Richmond player, one of the clashes resulted in Richie winning the ball well into his own half and played another perfectly weighted ball over the Richmond defence into the path of the fox (this was one of several brilliant balls played through the game by Richie) the ball this time bounced and bounced over the defence towards the keeper closely followed by Danny, the keeper flapped at it and Danny said he got something on it and it rolled into the net, if Danny hadnt touched it it would have beaten Garys longest goal for the Couer, but in typical fox fashion he claimed it.

Danny with his hat trick carrying an injury came off and Lynchy came on like for like positions.

Lyncy got the fifth goal a ball nicely played over to him after a sweeping move seen him shape himself and dink it over the keeper, get finished, great goal, even the ref commented on what a joy it was well done.

Martin come on for Fran and went to right back with Cav going to right mid, Martin who has struggled for confidence today showed loads, wanting the ball (well I think he did) and putting some nice crosses in, nice to see him back enjoying it and wanting the ball like he did last season.

We completely dominated the game from this point, and only allowing a Richmond attack when we switched off. But the defence was solid today, with some great runs by Cockney Rob and Gary back to his faultless best I never thought we would conceed.


Richmond offered nothing in the end and ran out of steam, it was one of those games we could have won by a hatful but was a great victory anyway.


Full time 5 - 1


Cant say how proud i am of everyone today and this season, everyone settling in well and playing some good football and you can see we are going to get better. But im please with everyones attitude to take a turn on the bench and go off, credit to you all! Collegiate lost today for the first time agaisnt the team we are playing next week, lets go and smash them next week and send out a message .


Well done eveyone im so pleased with everything we are doing and in particular the attiutde we are doing it in!!!!!


(little) TWAT of the Match - should be Peter for his air slice but ill give it to Gav as he volunteered for dodgy clearences but to be fair the balls played to him on several occasions were awful so chin up Gav everyone takes a turns as the Twat today is yours!!!