Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 4
Sacre Coeur

Danny Pimbley (1)
Richie Hughes (1)
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 4
2 - 3
Hope Park

starting line up
Kevin Edgar
Gavin Price
Gary Bourne
Chris Lawless
Robbie Phillips
Darren Hoare
Rob Cavendish
Richie Hughes
Danny Pimbley
Mick Lynch
Francis Pearson
Martin Somers
Dave Mortimer

opposition :
Hope Park (H)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 4
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Buckley Hill
referee :
A Mallon

Chris Lawless

Chris led from the back trying to rally the troops when others lost their heads, a real captains performance at times didnt deserve to be on the losing team

The curse of Sacre Couer contiuned of unable to win 4 games on the bounce.


In our third defeat of the season again we left scratching our heads wondering how we lost. With Peter injured and Richie forgetting he had to work (scarey he is going to be a father) and with Dave forgetting it was a 2pm KO (scarey he is a father) it give Fran and little Gav a start and good to see Mike Lynch back after a small fracture to his foot.


Playing 451 again, we started well and tried to get it down and play with JB and Lynchy supporting Danny we had enough chances to get beyond the Hope defence but seemed to make the wrong decisions on the final pass. Eventually though the Hope defence stopped and a good ball to Pimbo (by Lynchy) seen him hit first time to finish in the bottom right hand corner. I thought we would just push on from their and maybe we would have done if the ref hadnt made a big mistake. 

The Hope attacker got round the back and fat cat come out instead of going through the player like normal he pulled out realising he wasnt going to make the ball, the Hope attacker probably shitting himself at the thought of getting flattened slipped and fell over. The ref gave a pen, even the Hope player held his hands up and said no pen but the ref give it and Fat cat was sent the wrong way.

The Hope park 18 year old right winger decider he didnt like Gary and called him a "MUPPET" which started some bad blood between the two which resulted in Gary and fat cat running after him as they took a corner much to everyones disbelief, luckily we cleared the ball, but the spat went on and few minutes later the Hope player tried smash into Gary who held onto him, which caused both teams to clash as the pair were seperated. The blame has to fall on the ref whose stupid pen caused the feud to happen between the teams.

It wasnt long before we back in front a super Pimbo throw to the edge of the six yard box seen lynchy flick it on and JB gambled well to nod into the empty net.

Without the energy of Richie and Peter we seemed a little flat but played some nice football at times and contiuned to try and play, the defence looked solid Cockney Rob and Chris pairing well again, with Gav being solid, clearing brillantly from the line from a Hope throw which was going in.

Half time 2 - 1

I said at half time we would be gutted to draw or lose but didnt think we would.

It proved to be one of those days when after some great pressure by us, Hope broke played the ball forward which the Hope attacker smashed into the top right hand coorner from outside the box, giving fat cat no chance.

I think the team started to fear the worst as confidence seemed to drain away, the defence looked in sixes and sevens with Dave who had come on for little Gav and Cockney rob going to right back, and the midfield seemed to be losing energy and not playing the football they had in the first half, with Danny not getting get service or support he had also in the first half, anything was trying didnt seem to come off, in particular a lovely chip of the keeper from the left handside edge of the box beating the keeper easily only to hit the bar and come down for lynchy somehow smash it over the bar.

Fran and Danny combined well not long after with some lovely one twos which cut the Hope defence open and Fran with a free shot at the keeper found the ball on his weaker left foot and his shot wasnt stronger or good enough to beat the Hope keeper got down to save.

We had some corners and another grear chance to score fell to Dave who got away from his marker but header over, if he had got it on target it was a goal, but it just felt more and more that it wasnt to be.

And this proved no more so than an uncharcteristic mistake by Gaz, Chris and Dave playing the ball out of defence played to me but with a Hope player on me I laid it off for Gaz to clear which 99% of the time wouldnt be a problem, Gaz scuffed it and it give Hope the chance to get round the back, Dave seemed to stop and Chris had 3 men on him, with so many options fat cat had no chance as the attacker nicely finished. With 1 min left we didnt have enough time to fight back and with some tired legs we probably wouldnt have done.

full time 2-3

A horribly way to lose any game certainly when we had enough to win it, we have beaten better teams this year, but with a dodgy pen, a good strike and an uncharcteristic mistake it just wasnt to be.

The signs are still good with Ak, Richie (hopefully he wont forget to breath this week) and Peter back next week im sure we will bounce back and hopefully break the curse of not being able to win 4 on the bounce.


TWAT OF THE MATCH - Dave Mortimor, forgetting it was a 2pm KO, if he ever turned up on time anyway he still would of made the KO, well deserved this week Dave