Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
John Summerfield's Third Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 2
Sacre Coeur

Liverpool Old Boys
Div 2
0 - 10

starting line up
Andy Blackburn
Andy Rannard
Joe Carragher
James Stephen
Chris Woodall
Gav Scott
Mick Taylor
Jason Roberts
Si Furlong

opposition :
Convocation (H)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 2
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Buckley Hill
referee :
Mike Crosbie

Andy Rannard

Possibly unfair to pick one player out, but Rannard played like his life depended on it. Well done to the other 8 as well who also gave everything that they had.

Not much can be said about this debacle. Si was faced with just 8 players after a series of cry-offs and let downs. Even the promise of a couple of lads from the Vets fell through after Deano's massive squad was depleted to just 11. This left Si having to don a shirt himself and join the others in a thankless task.

Any idea?

Convocation did exactly what they had to do. They knocked the ball around well and made use of the 2 man advantage. Coeur resisted well for the first 30 minutes and it was only when the unfortunate Joe sliced a cross into his own net, did Convocation feel that there were a bag full of goals in the game for them.

All the lads on show fought valiantly until the end and despite their best efforts Convocation had managed to rack up 10 goals to Coeur's three shots.

Fantastic effort by the lads and many thanks to every single one of them, but unfortunately the result was a foregone conclusion.

(Si Furlong)