Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Si Furlong's Second Team
i-zingari combination division 1
Sacre Coeur

L.C.F.A. Junior Cup
Round 1
1 - 2
Fife Rangers

starting line up
Derrick Burns
Jack Kilborn
Andy Rannard
Rob Hatton
Michael A Lynch
Jay Price
Chrissy Whelan
John Pollard
Christian Foley
Liam McIlvenna
Dave Sutton
Jake Lackey

opposition :
Fife Rangers (H)
competition :
L.C.F.A. Junior Cup Round 1
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
William Collins Playing Fields
referee :
to be confirmed

Chrissy Whelan

Unfortunately more poor refereeing saw the Second Team bow out of the cup, 2-1 to Fife Rangers from Warrington.

The opposition looked like the real thing with track suits, but after initial domination Fife soon found out that Coeur was an outfit with considerable talent and the home team dominated the game for some thirty minutes.

After the interval the referee gave an early penalty to Fife. The ball was swirling very wide of the goal and Dereck Burns came out wide to clear. It looked as if he was obstructed, but tom his and everyone's astonishment, the referee pointed to the penalty spot.

Coeur players were rocked by the decision and Fife added an easy second. However, Coeur galvanised themselves and good running from Christian Foley led to a reply by way of an own goal.

It looked as if Coeur might snatch an equaliser, but the referee once agin came up with an unbielable decision. First there seemed to be a strong case for a penalty which he ignored and when Liam McIlvenna passed a brief comment, without using an offensive word he was booked for a second time and thus was sent off.

The tie was now gone. However, the standard of the refereeing virtually handed the match to Fife. Thankfully we are not likely to have the same official again.

Question. Why does the "respect campaign" always have to be directed towards what will benefit referees.