Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Si Furlong's Second Team
i-zingari combination division 1
I-Zingari Combination
Div 1
4 - 2
Sacre Coeur

Dave Sutton (1)
Rob Hatton (1)

starting line up
Paul McNally
Steve Allison
Paul Jackson
Michael A Lynch
Peter Riley
Dave Sutton
Derrick Burns
Martin Wilson
Jay Price
Rob Hatton
Christian Foley
Jake Lackey

opposition :
Manweb (A)
competition :
I-Zingari Combination Div 1
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Netherley British Legion
referee :
Les Roberts

Paul Jackson

Sacre Coeur's main failing struck again as the side ran out of steam when there was every oppor.tinity of causing an upset. Manweb took an early lead and it looked omininous as to how many they might score. However, Sacre Coeur ralllied very well and Dave Sutton struck his first goal of the season to level the scores.

Just before the interval Rob Hatton put Coeur ahead and Manweb were wobbling. However, an early second half strike levelled the scores and in the final twenty minutes Manweb camped in the Coeur half and added two further gials as the younger players began to feel the pressure. Defeat might have been heavier but for a couple of great saves from Paul McNally.

(John Summerfield)