Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 5
Old Cathinians
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 5
0 - 4
Sacre Coeur

Danny Pimbley (1)
Richie Hughes (3)

starting line up
Neil Oldfield
Gary Bourne
Sean Brannigan
Patrick McKeown
Peter Devlin
Darren Hoare
Kevin Lea
Rob Cavendish
Danny Pimbley
Chris Lawless
Richie Hughes
Christian Taleb
Mark Hurst
Michael McMillan

opposition :
Old Cathinians (A)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 5
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Shankly Ground
referee :
A Mallon

Richie Hughes

A fine display of attacking football down the left hand side, Richie completed an excellent hat trick with some fine strikes.

Neil OLDFIELD (GK) 8, Gary BOURNE (RB) 9, Pad McKWEON (CB) 9, Peter DEVLIN (CB) 9, Sean BRANNIGAN (LB) 8, Kev LEA aka Franster (RM) 8, Darren HOARE (CM), Rob Cav aka HD(CM) 9, Chris LAWLESS (CM) 8, Richie HUGHES (LM) 10, Danny PIMBLEY (CF) 8 subs Christian TALEB (LM) 7, Mark HURST aka Irish lad (RM) 7 Mike McMILLAN aka Karlo (CM) 7


In the rematch against a team who beat us 3 -1 at the beginning of the season I thought this was going to be a tough rusty game after Christmas but to be fair it proved to be a solid hardworking team performance I was really proud of.


We started off bright playing some nice football but so did the opposition and the first goal was always going to be crucial a lot of our early chances came from corners and long throws by Bourne and with HD winning every header as normal Old Caths struggled and were pinned back. Inevitably the first goal came from a throw which HD flicked on and Pimbo did great to turn and get a shot off to which the keeper did well and got down to save it but could only push it out to the edge of the box where Richie was standing and smashed it in the only place he could of the bottom left hand corner. A good goal and well deserved with the pressure. For the rest of the half both teams played some good football and either could of got a goal. But credit to the Couer defence who I thought were different class today in particular Devlin and McKweon who organised the defence between them well and who cleared header and tackle after one another, and if Richie hadnt got MOM one of them would have.

The only other moment of note was a pin point pass of 40 yards to Danny from me on the left handside, but to my disappointment Peter shouted "Like Alonso that" when I spend hours on the training ground trying to emulate Mark Pembridge.




We started the second half a lot slower and nearly caused Neils first time as captain to concede a goal, Sean decided to have a mad five minutes in which he gave away a penalty and nearly got his head taken off. Firstly the pen, a ball crossed from the left was going straight to Neil who shouted for it but Sean ignored his calls and did brillantly to get infront of Neil and head it past him and as he scrambled back to get it off the line Peter got back to help him but the two of them clashed which resulted in Peter stopping the ball going in with his arm. We were lucky not to get Peter sent off and the resulting pen was smashed over the bar by the Old Caths captain.

Just after this Sean went for a fifty fifty ball with an Old Caths defender but somehow managed to smash his face into the opposing player, knocking him to the floor causing his nose to bleed. Lucky it was Tals time of the month and he had a spare maxi pad which "soaked up all of the blood and so much more".

This seemed to knock a bit of sense into Sean and he went back to playing well not putting a front wrong, we have the Old Caths player hired for next week to do the same to Tal.


This give us a wake up call and we started playing well,Richie did well down the left but shot at the edge of the box with the ball went flying over, but this ambitious shooting worked a bit later on the game to help claim his hat trick. I came off for Taleb who went to the left wing and Richie came into the middle, Old caths who had begun to argue more and more with themselves were pinned back more. A nice move invovling Chris who took a quick throw off Peter ran down the left and played it inside to Richie who did the same to Danny  who finished the move at Fran shouting coming in from the right wing, but he was unable to finish the move with the goal it deserved.Pimbo finally took one of his chances, after being unlucky and slightly off the normal boil he is, Pimbo picked the ball up outside the box and fired neatly low and hard to the keepers right leaving him no chance. After the team missing several chances to make it two nil, this goal gave everyone the confidence and we went from strength to strength.


Hurst came on for Fran on the right wing and McMillan for Lawless in centre midfield. The third goal was a peach Richie who was doing well in the centre continued to want to get the ball down and run and at the Old Cath defence on this occasion he did that and with the ball appearing to get stuck under his feet he did well to shift his feet and let fly with a great hit which flew into the top right hand corner, the keeper never stood a chance a great goal.


Richies fourth was similar in the fact it was another great hit from distance this time he kept it low and finished off a great hat trick and a well deserved MOM.

With the Old Caths team depleted Danny continued to press forward and was unlucky with a couple of chances, but he did supply a great ball across the box to the Irish lad who had come in from the left hand side of the box even though he was right midfield, and with the chance to make it five he connected well but smashed it hard and high to the jeers of the opposing fans singing "YOU'RE JUST A FAT LAD FROM IRELAND FAT LAD IIIIIIIIIIRELAND" (Harsh I thought).




As I said at the beginning thought it was going to be a tough game and certainly 4 - 0 didnt flatter us but it was hard going for the first 60 minutes, a great performance from Neil through to Danny, their could have been several MOM's given with HD excellent as normal, Lawless having one of his best games of the season and Bourne being supreme at right back.


Well done boys proud of everyone today 9 games to go and still top lets stay there!!!!!!!!!!