Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 5
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 5
2 - 1
Sacre Coeur

Kevin Lea (1)

starting line up
Kev Taylor
Kevin Lea
Christian Taleb
Gary Bourne
Patrick McKeown
Darren Hoare
Richie Hughes
Chris Lawless
Danny Pimbley
Peter Devlin
Mick Taylor
Sean Brannigan

opposition :
Richmond (A)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 5
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Ainsdale Sports Club
referee :
Eddie McGrath

Kev Lea

In a game in which no one covered themselves in glory, Kev gets MOM for a fantastic strike showing the attackers how it should have been done

Kev Taylor (GK) 6, Kev Lea (RB) 7, Christian Taleb (LB) 6, Gary Bourne (CB) 6, Paddy McKweon (CB) 6, Richie Hughes aka Jeffers (RM) 6, Chris Lawless (CM) 6, Peter Devlin (CM) 6,Darren Hoare (CM), Mick Taylor (LM) 6, Danny Pimbley (CF) 6 Sub Sean Brannigan 6,


In Couers only second defeat of the season it was a bad day at the office for everyone and it was noticeable we hadnt played for a couple of weeks, with myself hoping not to start due to a skinful the day before Sean Brannigan (who job is I.T) couldnt get his sat nav to find the ground forcing me to an unexpected start.


We started bright enough with some nice play down the flanks but unable to get much service to Danny and the more we seemed to push forward they began to hit us with some good counter attacking play, with a few early warnings their pacey (diving little rat, DLR)forward managed to get round the back of Paddy a couple of times (no one has done that since Chris Lawless last week). We had a great chance just before the Richmond goal, but Danny and Mick decided to do an impression of the chuckle brothers (me to you, you to me) until Mick eventually passed the ball nicely back to the keeper. DLR got past Paddy and went one on one with the keeper and got his shot off and missed buy the keeper caught DLR and the ref gave the pen saying the ball was still in play. Richmond dispatched the penalty nicely sending Kev the wrong way.


The midfields passing steadily got worse and none of us were making the right passes, holding onto to the ball to long or in my case not even finding a Couer player. This resulted in the second goal for Richmond were I nicely passed the ball to a Richmond player and again they counter attacked and got round the back of the defence and got his shot off past Kev Taylor for it to luckily hit Gary and their was nothing he could do and it went into the empty net. We continued to at times put some nice play together but we just couldnt cut through the Richmond defence, and with a pen and own goal giving them a two nil lead at half time it had the feeling it was going to be one of those days.


half time 2 -0


I went off for Sean who had managed to get there, and he even dressed himself while he was waiting so well done you. Sean went to left back, Tal to left midfield and pushing mick into the middle.


And for the whole second half we dominated the game passed it better, but the same problems occurred with being unable to get the final pass at the right time. But we did continue to have chance after chance, Mick had a great shot tipped over, and Danny managed to find some roomand got some shots off but we just couldnt find the net. Up step Kev Lea who got the ball a good ten yards outside the box and let fly with an unstoppable shot which flew into the top left hand corner, great goal well in Kev.  This give everyone an injection and from their I dont know how we didnt equalise, but some credit must be given to Richmond who defended well and marked Danny out the game, and with Chris Peter Fran and Mick unable to break them down either it was just one of those days. Tal played a great ball through to Danny and one on one with the keeper everyone thought the equaliser was coming but for the keeper to guess right and pull off a decent save.

We pushed forward but with Richmond constantly slowing the play down by feigning injury we couldnt get into a rhythm, Peter was caught in the box near the end but the ref wasnt as kind to us and never gave the pen.


I have waited a day to write this report as I was gutted last night, but on reflection we deserved at least a draw and played some great football at times but it just didnt click when it mattered. With some players back next week after an unusually high number of cry offs im sure we will bounce back next week if it s on!


Still top of league and well and truely in our own hands, unlucky gents