Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 5
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 5
3 - 4
Sacre Coeur

Chris Lawless (1)
Danny Pimbley (1)
Kevin Lea (1)
Michael McMillan (1)

starting line up
Neil Oldfield
Mark Hurst
Rob Cavendish
Gary Bourne
Patrick McKeown
Darren Hoare
Chris Lawless
Richie Hughes
Danny Pimbley
Michael McMillan
Kevin Lea
Christian Taleb

opposition :
Liobians (A)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 5
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Mersey Road, Aigburth
referee :
Phil Collett

Kev Lea

Kev and Happy Dave both contenders for MOM with hard working performances in the midfield both battling excellently, Kev nipped getting MOM with an excellent goal to make the game 4 - 2 and take a bit of pressure off Couer.

Neil OLDFIELD (gk) 7, Mark HURST aka fat lad (RB) 6, Gary BOURNE (CB) 6, Pad McKweon (CB) 6, Rob CAVENDISH (LB) 7, Chris LAWLESS (RM) 7, Darren HOARE (CM), Mike McMillan aka Karlo (CM) 7, Richie HUGHES (CM) aka HD 8, Kev LEA aka Franster (LM) 8, Danny PIMBLEY (CF) 7

Chris Tal (LB) 6 brought on


I ended the last report saying Liobhans will have been having sleepless nights till we played them again, and I thought I was dreaming when the game started with what will be the fastest ever goal this season. Straight from the kickoff Danny didnt roll the play to Chris with his first touch he shot and with the sun in the keepers eyes and slight bend at the end the ball flew into the net giving the Couer the lead after around 2 seconds UNREAL!


Couer who I  have complained as starting slow  this season started really well applying pressure on Liobhans all over the pitch and with the confidence of an early goal to boot the early exchanges only looked like Couer winning. 

The second goal came in the unlikely form of Karlo with only his second start of the season a free kick around 10 metres outside Liobhans box Pimbley fancied scoring and whipped in a great shot beating the keeper but not the post and it rebounded back to the oncoming players, and with arthritis in Karlos feet he decided the best way of scoring was with his knee, slotting into an empty net.Well done in your first goal.

Couer smelling blood pushed on losing a bit of shape of times but looked like a rout was on the cards. The third goal was similar to the second with Danny having a shot coming off the cross bar leaving the keeper stranded and with Lawless reading it great, got the ball under control and slotted into an empty net taking his total to 3 in 2 games (well and truely back on track well in Chris). With Couer 3 - 0 within the first 20 minutes we took our foot off the gas and allowed Liobhans to apply some pressure and with some great saves by Oldfield in particular one in which he took off the head of a Liobhans midfielder as he was about to pounce, It looked like it was going to be 3 - 0 at half time until another cross from a cleared ball was header over Neil which was taken well by the Liobhans player.


A good first half by Couer without really getting to full throttle, defence looking solid, midfield controlled well and supported Danny.




With everyone positive at half time, the second half started a little more on the back foot than the first with Liobhans pushing forward knowing a second goal would change the game and with Kenny the loose cannon quiet the Couer sat deeper and deeper soaking up the Liobhan attacks. With 15 minutes gone Karlo made way for a hungry Tal coming back from his collarbone strain injury. Tal going to left back allowing Cav to move into his more fimilar role of centre midfield. But with Tal marking Liobhans trickest player (which Cav had managed to contain all game) it wasnt going to be easy.


With Liobhans main threat of the long throw being contained well by the team, Liobhans got a corner and with man marking working well HD wanted to change the tactic and mark the space, this caused some confusion amongst the team (albeit I know why HD was trying to change it, whist they were about to take the corner wasnt the right time to do it) The corner was whipped into the back post and one of the unmarked Liobhan players who headed it across the goal this was cleared by HD but it fell to a Liobhan player who managed to get to it and blast it into the six yard box hitting a Liobhans player on the knee and it flew in (he must have had arthritis too).


Couer to be fair kept their cool and tried to play and with some nice play between HD, Franster, Danny, rob and Chris I always felt we were going to score again. And that we did, I won the ball in the middle and laid it off to Lawless who put another lovely cross in this time it fell to Franster who did well to control it and from the edge of the box on the left hand side curled it past the Liobhan keeper and it hit the post on the way.


With 9 minutes remaining that should have been the game wrapped up,but the with the danger of HD not having anything to moan about we decided to make it difficult for ourselves. Liobhans lofted a long ball forward and with McKweon dealing with these all day, he got an unlucky bounce and the ball hit his hand (never a free kick but the ref thought it was) the free kick given on the edge of the box. The Liobhan player who took the free kick connected well and with a bit of luck McKweon got his head to the ball causing a slight deflection but enough to take it away from Neil to make the score 4 -3.


With 8 minutes remaining it took everyone to dig in  and defend which they did superbly, the main point of note in this time was a great chance for a rather quiet Pimbley who took it past a couple of defnders before striking it against the post.


The refs whistle was pleasing to hear but to be fair, it was a game we should have won more comfortably, Liobhans did well to get three goals.


But as they say a win is a win and we still remain top of the league, well done boys, nice to see the goals spread around today and with the next oppo being Rockville who Sacre Couers struggling third team beat 6 - 0 today in the Senior Shield, Im confident this time next week another win will have been notched. Well done again boys half way through the season lets keep it up.