Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 5
Sacre Coeur

Richie Hughes (1)
Danny Pimbley (4)
Chris Lawless (2)
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 5
7 - 1

starting line up
Neil Oldfield
Gary Bourne
Sean Brannigan
Peter Devlin
Patrick McKeown
Darren Hoare
Chris Lawless
Rob Cavendish
Danny Pimbley
Richie Hughes
Kevin Lea
Michael McMillan
Mark Hurst
Gary Hales

opposition :
Liobians (H)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 5
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
St Mary's Playing Fields
referee :
S Mahon

Neil Oldfield

After coming close a few times this season to being MOM Neil the fat cat got the accolade today with a string of fine saves, as well some great catches under pressure, unlucky not to get a clean sheet as deserved!

Neil OLDFIELD (GK) 9, Gary BOURNE (RB) 7, Pad McKweon (CB) 7, Peter DEVLIN  (CB) 7, Sean BRANNIGAN (LB) 6, Chris LAWLESS (RM) 8, Darren HOARE (CM), Rob CAVENDISH (CM) 6, Richie HUGHES aka HD (CM) 8,Kev LEA aka Jeffers (LM) 6.5, Danny PIMBLEY (CF) 8, subs Mike McMILLAN aka Karlo (CB) 6.5, Mark HURST aka fat Irish lad (RM)5.79, Gary HAYLES (LM) 6


The COUER did well to put behind a bad result from last week, with Pimbley and Franster back in the starting eleven and with Paddy's lob on gone the team had more impetus about them. But as per normal with no warm up apart from a few shots blasted at Neil and few dodgy lunges by myself  the team started slow. The first goal coming to Pimbley who was played in beautifully by HD as the Liobhans centre half lay on the floor injured from a fair tackle. Danny stopped as he wasnt sure the ref had blown and when he realised play was still live he megged the keeper before running past him to slot into an empty net.

Liobhans biggest threat came in the form of a long throw which caused oodles amount of trouble at the back creating several corners. The whole defence (and HD as he kept telling everyone) defended well with some high balls. With the game very tight Liobhans had TWO close range efforts saved by OLDFIELD the first he manged to get down somehow to his right and palm it away from his line to the shout by many Liobhans players it had gone in (Paddys JAPS eye on the line said it hadnt proving their is a place for technology in football). The second excellent save by OLDFIELD was blasted at him at close range and he spread himself to block it with some part of his body that most people dont even have. This kept the Couer in the game and after a five minute spell of pressure by Liobhans we began to push on.


Pressure resulted in a few corners and throw ins which came to nothing, but with 15 minutes till half time HD's moaning about our throws not being more than 4 yards caused Lawless to launch a long throw into the box which HD did great to get a flick on near the corner of the six yard box which lobbed perfectly over the keeper (he also managed when he threw his head back to take out the centre half of Liobhans) great goal. The third and final goal was Lawless' surprisingly first of the season (With rumours in the Crosby Herald Lawless was to be dropped back to defence due to lack of goals, this clearly spurred him on) A great run by Pimbley down the left seen him cut off by two Liobhans players at the edge of the box, this cause Danny to do something quite out of the ordinary he PASSED, a lovely weighted ball across the edge of the box seen Lawless drift in from the right wing and hit first time taking a slight nick of a Liobhans defender before nestling in the bottom right corner of the Liobhans net.


With some solid defending and well taken chances by the attackers it was well deserved lead at half time 



As agreed before the game Hughes and Devlin switched positions as both dont like playing centre half and see themselves as attackers (they have both told me they want to be Danny when they grow up)


The second half started pretty similar to the first, with Liobhans applying early pressure to try and get a goal which is exactly what they did.Karlo had replaced Sean with Paddy the lob going left back and Karlo in the middle. A short corner from the left enabled them to cross from the left giving a Liobhans attacker a rare chance to head a ball in the Couer box which drifted into Neils left hand post, a good goal but the defence deserved better after such a solid performance.


I changed it to give the subs a good run with Hayles replacing Franster on the left like for like after Franster had been involved in some good moves and Hurst replacing me going onto the right wing and Lawless coming inside. The fresh legs in midfield worked well and with the rain starting to come down playing was a bit slower. 


With Danny chasing the all time Sacre Couer record of 46 goals in a season he was urged on by the Sacre Couer crowd (Kenny Loose Cannon McKweon)  this resulted in Danny getting played in and finishing neatly past the Liobhans keeper.Lawless completed his brace for the game in similar fashion a shortwhile later as Couer began to control the game (sorry Chris never got a good look at it from the sideline but it was good finish).What I did see was a good cross from Hurst from the right which found Lawless near the penalty spot who smashed it and should have got his first ever hat trick to be denied by the crossbar. Danny a shortwhile later completed his hat trick with a free kick, placed on the edge of the boxed he dispatched it perfectly into the top left corner

Not happy with 3 goals Danny finshed the scoring again with a nice finish as he turned well to slot into an empty net due to the keeper coming out to save a shot.


With Couer not getting up to full throttle this was a great result and a solid performance, God help the team when it all clicks and we pass and move to our potential, well done everyone, proud of everyone today Liobhans are going to have sleepless nights til next Saturday until we play them again.

Sacre Coeur 7 Liobians 1