Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 5
Sacre Coeur

Peter Devlin (1)
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 5
2 - 2
Roby College O.B.

starting line up
Neil Oldfield
Mark Hurst
Sean Brannigan
Patrick McKeown
Gary Bourne
Darren Hoare
Rob Cavendish
Peter Devlin
Richie Hughes
Chris Lawless
Gary Hales
Michael McMillan

opposition :
Roby College O.B. (H)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 5
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
St Mary's Playing Fields
referee :
Brian Maloney

Peter Devlin

Peter scored a well taken goal after a tough afternoon in midfield. He takes the accolade ahead of Richie Hughes aka Happy Dave, who did great up front on his own, with big shoes to fill.

Neil OLDFIELD (GK) 4, Mark HURST aka irish lad 3, Gary Bourne (CB) 7, Paddy McKEOWN 5, Sean BRANNIGAN 6, Rob CAVENDISH (RM) 7, Chris LAWLESS (CM) 7,Darren HOARE (CM), Peter DEVLIN (CM) 8, Gary HAYLES (LM) 6, Richie HUGHES aka Happy Dave (CF) 7.


We know it happens every year at least once but it doesnt make you feel any better when it does, the referee had a shocker today and it was game of two penalties (one not given) sprinkled with a load of shit decisions on top to make a nice turd pie for the Couer to eat! More of that later

In the second game of the season in which Couer have thrown away a two one lead against poorer opposition, it was always going to be slightly difficult without the cutting edge of Danny Pimbley. But with a strong midfield and defence, and a more than capable deputy of Happy Dave (HD) upfront this should have been a game the Couer easily won. 

Roby applied the same tactics of having 5 in the midfield with a lad that made me look small upfront he must have been 6'6'' and at least 22 stone aka CHUNKY MONKEY, and with McKweown still carrying a lob on from all the viagra the night before after "GOOSING" til six in the morning it was always going to be an interesting afternoon with him backing into Paddy. But enough of this sexy talk on with the football...

The chances I care to remember (or simply can remember) fell to Devlin and HD the first to Devlin who rode a few challenges on the left hand side before cutting in and one on one with the keeper blazed over the bar, but to be fair he made the chance himself out of nothing and was unfortunate not to score. HD had a great chance when a cross from Brannigan from left back missed a couple of defenders and fell into HD's path who should have finished again one on one with the keeper who pulled off a great save. Chris, Peter and Gary tried to support Dave as much as they could but with a five man midfield to defend against we found it hard.


Sacre Coeur 0 Roby College 0


Start of the second half Lawless went to the right wing and Cavendish came into the middle which worked wonders straight away. Chirs delivered a great ball into the middle from the right but with no one there the centre half of Roby controlled it well brought it under control before he smashed it past his own keeper (the best and weirdest own goal ive ever seen)

With Couer looking to dominate from their on Roby continued to press and with Hurst getting troubled by the left winger time and time again, a good movement down the left released the winger who done Hurst for pace and who nicely finished past Oldfield at the near post.

With twenty minutes to go Couer did well to keep their composure and tried to play themselves in, Hoare tackled a Roby centre midfielder and played a ball to HD who managed to scramble it to Devlin who ran through and finished brilliantly past the keeper, with 15 minutes to go, Couer thought they had done enough. But with 8 minutes to go Roby had taken Chunky Monkey off and put the winger who had given Hurst a dogs life through the middle. A long punt up seen confusion between Oldfield and McKweon at the edge of the box, Oldfiled collected the ball but dropped it (unsure if he was put off by McKweons stalk on as the viagra was still working) This gave the Roby player the chance to get the ball under control but Oldfield tried to get his hand to the ball but appeared to catch the man to, penalty given and nicely dispatched by the Roby centre midfielder.

With five minutes to go the ref who had had a stinker giving everything to Roby, for example a throw in that was a foul throw he let them take it again as "ITS ONE OF THOSE THINGS". I wont go into every bad descision as I might fill up the internet.

Anyway Devlin burst through and when getting into the box the chasing defender pulled his arm back yanking him to the floor (no reason for Peter to dive) the referee blew his whistle the Couer celebrated the blatant penalty before confirming it was dive ( this cause a massive argument between both teams in what was a good game)

The ref decided even with five minutes to go he would blow up causing more arguments.

In a game the Couer should have easily won this was slightly heartbreaking, but the positives being it wasnt a defeat and if it wasnt for the worst ref we have had this year we would have won the game. Lets hope thats our one for the year.

Unlucky boys but not a defeat onwards and upwards

Full Time
Sacre Coeur 2 Roby College 2