Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Darren Hoare's Fourth Team
Liverpool Old Boys Amateur League Division 5
Sacre Coeur

Danny Pimbley (2)
Liverpool Old Boys
Div 5
2 - 2
Wavertree W.D.O.B.

starting line up
Sean Brannigan
Mark Hurst
Gary Bourne
Richie Hughes
Patrick McKeown
Darren Hoare
Rob Cavendish
Gary Hales
Kevin Lea
Peter Devlin
Danny Pimbley
Chris Lawless
Michael McMillan

opposition :
Wavertree W.D.O.B. (H)
competition :
Liverpool Old Boys Div 5
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
St Mary's Playing Fields
referee :
Brian Seddon

Danny Pimbley

In a game in which no individual stood out two great goals by Pimbley should have been enough to win the game

Sean Brannigan (GK) Mark Hurst (RB) aka the irish lad, Richie Hughes (CB) aka moaning arse Pad McKweon (CB) Gary Bourne (LB) Kea Lea (RM) aka Franster, Darren Hoare, Robbie Cavendish, Peter Devlin (CM) Gary Hayles (LM) Danny Pimbley (CF)

In what was a fristrusting point earned today Couer should have come away with all three points today. A good battle in the first half the seconds being 2 fantastic saves by Sean from shots outside the box in particular the second save in which everyone apart from Sean thought it was a goal


Half time
Sacre Coeur 0 Wavertree West Derby 0

Couer played some nice football at times and kept trying to play in Pimbley and the chances which were created couldnt be converted. With 30 minutes remaining Pimbley got another chance inside the box and scored a nice finish with the outside of his right. The midfield worked hard to support Pimbley and with 20 minutes to go Darren Hoare was replaced by Lawless, Wavertree applied a bit of pressurre and a shot inside the box was blocked by Cavendish who raised his hands, a harsh penalty was converted.Step up Pimbley to convert an excellent free kick from the edge of the box which flew into the top left hand corner. With ten minutes to go McMillan came on to replace Cavendish and almost immediately a cross from the left hand side floated over high in the air and with everyone thinking it was going out dropped into the left hand corner.

With the defence hardly being penetrated today and everyone working hard in midfield a lucky penalty and fluky goal was unlucky, but if we keep playing this way then im sure a decent finish in the league will happen


Full time
Sacre Coeur 2 Wavertree West Derby 2