Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
marc 'derek' eckersall & mick carragher's First Team
liverpool county f.a. premier league division 1
Sacre Coeur

Liverpool County Prem
Div 1
0 - 0
Angus Village

starting line up
Dave Moran
Jack Doran
Tim Holloway
James Currie
Mick Carragher
Gary Roach
Lee Owens
Lee James
Robbie Boardman
Duncan Atkinson
Michael Roberts
Robin Miles
Eammon Price

opposition :
Angus Village (H)
competition :
Liverpool County Prem Div 1
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
referee :
John Gosling

Sacre Coeur 0 v 0 Angus Village

Football is indeed a very strange game. How can one team raise their game to beat a good team in a league above one week and then not be able to beat a poor side near to the bottom of thier own league. (Liverpool fans need not answer).
Although we were at 'home', Bobbly Hill was the venue. Not bad for the Sunday League faithfull or the Veterans League but not the pitches you want to play on when you play good passing attacking football (at times).
Also, playing against good decent footballing sides allows you to raise your game a level and play at their standard (which we seem to be able to do) but playing against sh*te on a sh*te surface we don't seem to be able to cope with.
Angus Village (2nd from bottom before the game) were happy to launch the ball at every opportunity and then barge, kick, stamp, forearm smash etc. etc. anything that stood in their way (mainly Coeur players). Unfortunately when the referee is happy to wave most things away it is the 'football' side that loses out.
And before anyone starts to mention excuses- then YES they are excuses - but they are my excuses. We didn't play well at all but we still did enough to take the points, and if we had been awarded one of the two 'stonewall' penalties then things may have been different.
We huffed and we puffed all game trying to raise our play but constantly lowered our performances down to the oppositions level - which wasn't much and the game fizzled out to a nil nil draw.
With a minute remaining of the game as frustrations grew, the 'wind up' merchant from AV who professes to be a footballer decided that a forearm smash to the back of the head and kick to the back of the calves to our Centre Half would be fitting end to the game. Unfortunately he picked on the wrong person and was duly 'dealt with'.
Now, the laws of the game being as they are, both players walked.
As the 'AV' player was gesticulating to our line about 'afters' he was then 'approached' at the final whistle. Reports are suggesting that he's still looking for his 'arse' as he well and truly lost him.
Not a very satisfactory result on every count.
Note: Of the seven League & Cup games that we have not won this season (2 draws 5 defeats) - only one has been at home on our pitch.
Does that say a lot ???

(Liam Doyle)