Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
marc 'derek' eckersall & mick carragher's First Team
liverpool county f.a. premier league division 1
Essemmay Old Boys
Liverpool County Prem
Div 1
1 - 2
Sacre Coeur

Lee Owens (1)
Stuey Aitken (1)

starting line up
Dave Moran
Jamie King
Mick Carragher
Stuey Aitken
Peter Spelman
Michael Roberts
Gary Roach
Jonathan McKeown
Duncan Atkinson
Lee Owens
John Carragher
Jonny Whelan

opposition :
Essemmay Old Boys (A)
competition :
Liverpool County Prem Div 1
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Jericho Farm, Jericho Lane
referee :
David Goulding

Dave Moran

Kept us in the game with a string of important saves throughout the match.

What a result, what a result, what a result.
Seriously - what a result.

I arrived at the game 10 mins before kick off to be told of the team line up and of our missing players. I'll have to admit that my first thought was one of hoping that we kept the score down as a heavy defeat this early in the new campaign could have dented our confidence.
How wrong I was, and how glad I was to be wrong!!
A well executed free kick from Stuey Aitkin saw us go one in front after 10 minutes and that was after we had probably had a good go at Essemay from the kick off. After Essemay hit the bar after 15 minutes, a long kick up front by Dave The Goalie was misjudged by the keeper and fell to the injured Lee Owens who calmly lobbed the keeper for 2-0. Cue disbelief in my head.
To be fair, we deserved it, I felt we were playing the better of the football - Essemay playing neat triangles but without any penetration. (No jokes Andy)
And even when the diamond studded earing'd comedian (sorry, referee) decided that every subsequent Coeur attack was offside. (Even when two of our attackers broke from 5 yards inside our own half - embarrassing decision - I actually felt sorry for him at one point). The only bonus was that he was just as crazy for them, but where we laughed, they got frustrated - and it led to their own downfall.

Second half we battled on as Essemay continued to try to play triangles around us - which they did - but mostly in their own half. Essemay eventually pulled one back with 20 minutes to go.
Sometimes it was backs to the wall, other times it was chasing long balls - but we did what we needed to, and then ran the clock down.

Full credit to the lads for a well battled gritty performance, scoring two goals along the way.
Two out of two ain't bad.

(Liam Doyle)