Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
Jonny Whelan & Tim McPhee's Second Team
i-zingari combination division 1
I-Zingari Combination
Div 1
4 - 2
Sacre Coeur

Chrissy Whelan (1)
Paul McNally (1)

starting line up
Kev Taylor
Joe Hinnigan
Michael Carragher
Paul Jackson
Paul McHarron
Tim McPhee
Chrissy Whelan
Andy Howard
Paul McNally
Jonny Whelan
Ryan Crosbie
Phillip Chapman

opposition :
competition :
I-Zingari Combination Div 1
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
Dockers Club, Townsend Lane
referee :

Chairman Doyle providing another Match Report, this time for the seconds vs NELTC.

What a game for the neutrals Clap
NELTC 4 v 2 Sacre Coeur 2nds ...... unfortunately I wasn't a neutral.
This was a game of two halves. The 1st half, the 2nd half and the referee's half

This was a game absolutely SPOILED by the referee and his love of the sound of his own whistle. Apparently he came into the dressing room prior to the game (probably under a new legue directive) to talk about 'RTR' - Respect the Referee.
I am all for respect, but it is not a right or a given. Respect is earned. All the referee gained today was to 'p*ss off' 22 players on the field of play. This included the winning team who agreed with us he was clueless. He should 'respectfully retire at the end of the season.

Anyway back to the game...

Coeur should have found themselves a goal down within a minute after a lapse at the back allowed the Neltc winger to bear down the left to square the ball to his onrushing team mate to slide home but for a tremendous save from Kev the keeper to tip the ball away. Coeur were 'awarded' a penalty when a foul outside the box was given by the referee as a spot kick. Up stepped Macca. 1-0. A turn and shot inside the box from a Neltc attacker saw the equaliser. 1-1. Coeur then went into the lead when Chrissy Whelan rose highest to head home from a corner. 2-1. (HT 2-1) Neltc forced home another equaliser when pinball in the box ensued and Coeur couldn't clear their lines. 2-2. Another penalty was given as a Neltc defender was guilty of handball on the line. (I'm not for seeing players sent off but.....see later). Macca stepped up. Still 2-2 as the keeper saved. The game was getting more frustrating (for the players) and confusing for the referee who was 'blowing' for everything. I swear that a player on a different pitch fell over and our referee blew his whistle for a foul.

As he had awarded Coeur 2 penalties during the game he felt the need to even things up by awarding Neltc one for the most innoccuious of challenges. A long throw in was missed by both the Neltc attacker and Joe(Coeur defender) - the referee 'deciding' that Joe had impeded the attacker. Even Neltc as a team didn't appeal for a foul and this was from a team that appealed absolutely everything. (To be fair to them, they succeeded in getting most of their dodgy appeals throughout the game including the 100% stonewall corner to Coeur given as a goalkick - because Coeur didn't appeal). Up stepped the Neltc striker to score 3-2.

Coeur had a couple of chances to equalise when a series of free kicks/ corners where either well met and well saved or went agonisingly wide. Neltc's keeper was either 'Man of the Match' or the luckiest sod on the pitch - whatever way you looked at it.
The game then went into 'farce' mode when after another 'dodgy' decision went against Coeur, Joe decided to inform the referee that he was 'crap'. The referee then decided Joe needed an early bath. Coeur's chance of coming back fizzled away.
Neltc scored a fourth with the best goal of the game. A free kick from just outside the box was bent up and over the wall to go in just off the bar. 4-2. The referee, clearly enjoying his moment of 'whistling' glory, then allowed 5 minutes of 'additional' time to be played. During this period of time Neltc had three free kicks which they tried to take early everytime. When the free kick either went wide, over or out of play, the referee would then bring play back and allow them to take it again. Even the Nelc players were p*ssing themselves laughing about it.

Ah well, a game which ether side could have walked away winners. Neltc needed that win to challenge for the title.