Sacre Coeur Former Pupils Football Club
marc 'derek' eckersall & mick carragher's First Team
liverpool county f.a. premier league division 2
Sacre Coeur

Own Goal (1)
Lee Owens (1)
John Carragher (1)
Duncan Atkinson (1)
Liverpool County Prem
Div 2
4 - 1

starting line up
Dave Moran
Lee James
Tim Holloway
Adam Spelman
Stuey Aitken
Neil Cooper
Peter Spelman
Lee Owens
Jonathan McKeown
Duncan Atkinson
John Carragher
Mick Carragher
Michael Roberts
Jamie King
Own Goal

opposition :
Rockville (H)
competition :
Liverpool County Prem Div 2
match date :
kick off time :
played at :
referee :
G. Foulkes

A strange feeling was in the air on a sunny mid April evening. An air of expectation was evident as Rockville had conceded 77 goals prior to the game, although we had only beaten them 3-1 less than a month earlier (and despite the fact they had not conceded more than 3 since late February).

The game was less than 3 minutes old when a long ball found Big Dunc who slotted home to make it 1-0. Could this be the big goal difference game that we all thought? Alas not, as Rockville equalised when their attacker shrugged off a couple of half-hearted challenges to fire home just under the bar. 1-1. The passing wasn't the best on a bobbly Civil Service pitch for the rest of the half. (1600 quids worth - my a*se). H-T 1-1.

Sacre Coeur kicked off the second half with renewed vigor but huffed and puffed but just couldn't blow the house down..until after a swift move down the right resulted in a good low cross which was firmly dispatched passed the keeper and into the back of the the defender. 2-1.

It was all Sacre Coeur from then on in. The comedy moment of the night was surely the Rockville defender's comment of "cmon lads were making them look good?" does he know who we are?

Coeur scored again when Lee Owens struck, stretching out a leg to volley home a good cross following a sweeping attack. This followed Lee's inability to want to score easy goals when deciding not to shoot when 8 yards out. 3-1. John Carragher, who had previously hit the bar and post (not his night really), struck the 4th Coeur goal to wrap up the game.

As has been said before 3 points is 3 points, but goal difference always counts. Pity about the clean sheet. Roll on Lydiate Weld away on Saturday and Bankfield at home next Wednesday. 2 wins out of two and the title is virtually ours !!!!!